Did my husband have an affair?

Lie Detector Test - Caxe Study

One of our team was contacted by a pregnant woman who explained that she and her husband were going through a difficult time and they were at an impasse over an issue they simply couldn’t settle. The couple arranged a meeting and came into our office as they felt more comfortable discussing the issue face to face and it seemed as though it was a fairly complex problem. When they arrived it was apparent that there was an issue that needed to be resolved.

The male explained that his wife had been accusing him of having an affair with an ex-partner and through all his efforts he was unable to convince her otherwise. The issue had started 5 weeks ago when he was late to return home from work, the wife was heavily pregnant and after trying to call her husband multiple times she decided to drive past his office and see if his car was there. When she saw his car wasn’t there and the office was closed she immediately began to think the worst, she explained that he had previously been unfaithful and since that point she had always struggle with trust issues.

When the husband returned home he was immediately confronted and not knowing that she had been to his place of work he used the excuse he was working late, it wasn’t until she confessed to driving to his office that he changed his story. The husband then changed his story to what he claimed was the truth, he had left work a little early and gone to the pub for a drink as he was worrying about the birth of his first child, he didn’t want to speak to his wife about it because he didn’t want to worry her and thought he could speak to a few colleagues who had children. The row continued back and forth between the two repeatedly and they had spent the majority of the time since then sleeping separately and barely communicating.

Our initial suggestion was to make enquiries with the pub and check the CCTV, unfortunately due to the amount of time that had passed there was no footage of the evening in question. Knowing that the wife would assume any bar staff’s or colleagues witness statement would be covering for her husband we explained how a lie detector test works and the husband expressed his eagerness to sit a test and prove his innocence. We arranged an appointment with one of our certified polygraph testers and agreed with the husband and wife questions which they wanted absolute clarity on.

The primary questions were,

“Did you visit the specified pub on the evening in question”

“Have you seen your ex-partner since the last time your wife knows about”

“Have you been unfaithful to your wife since the last time your wife knows about”


The husband passed the test with flying colours and passed all the questions that he was asked, the wife’s attitude changed immediately at this point and the relief was obvious. She apologised to the husband who in turn apologised for lying and putting them through the ordeal but she was keen to come back and thank our team as she openly said that without that proof she would have ended her relationship over a wrongful decision purely because of his history.

This case was a great example of how polygraph testing / lie detector tests can provide life changing information and the results aren’t always negative. Both husband and wife agreed that they would pay twice the price to get to the bottom of the issue and simply wish they had contacted us sooner.


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