About Us

The journey began when a Royal Marine and an investigative journalist saw an opportunity in the market for a leading and trusted brand of private investigators.

They decided to join ‘forces’ and combine their expertise to create a brand that could be respected for their quality of work and trusted for their professional integrity.


They setup the company and from a small bedroom office they took the first step on the journey to creating a brand that would offer value and transparency to all its customers.

Knowing trust was a big issue with customers they ensured every customer knew exactly what the team was doing and felt comfortable knowing exactly what their money was being spent on. 

After only a few short years they had outgrown the small home office, moved into some commercial space and built a network of reliable investigators that adhered to the same meticulous standards they expected from themselves.


In 2012 the marine had an opportunity to pursue a life long ambition and left the company to join a private security team offering close protection services to a range of high profile international targets and high value assets.

Although the team were sad to see him leave they knew business would continue and as the great Alexander Graham Bell once said, “When one door closes, another opens”


In 2014 a university graduate with industry experience saw an opportunity and was keen to invest in the blossoming business, treasuring the same business values they set about expanding into new markets.

The focus was shifted from matrimonial investigations into a more corporate dominated market that primarily aimed to protect businesses against fraud, theft and employee misconduct while retaining the business intelligence required to maintain a competitive advantage.


As the company’s experience working on corporate investigations grew, so did the list of happy clients. Over the past 12 months they had successfully conducted investigations for some large profile clients including Birmingham City Council and The Department For Work And Pensions (DWP).

The principal director decided they were ready and joined The Association of British investigators, a group widely regarded as the most respected association in the industry.


Working in the corporate market led to the company establishing relationships with businesses in new sectors, the company was now supporting a nationwide group of solicitors who rely on them to gain crucial evidential footage, trace individuals and serve legal documents.

It wasn’t only the legal sector where business was blossoming though, through a string of successful employee investigations the company had now found themselves partnering with a number of HR departments and company directors protecting firms against absenteeism and fraudulent injury claims.


2020 has brought new and unprecedented challenges to businesses and individuals alike, as COVID-19 send shockwaves across the globe many struggled to adapt to change.

At Reveal we sat down and restructured the office along with working hours to ensure that there was a safe and manageable working environment for our staff and our clients. Operationally we rarely come into direct contact with any of our subjects so there was little difference other than the addition of necessary PPE and staff training.

Why Choose Us?

Friendly and Professional

Your experience when dealing with us will always be positive and professional. Our investigators will strive to understand all the important details of your investigation and treat them with complete privacy.

Completely Covert

Our investigations are completely covert. We take great strides to make sure all our covert work remains covert. We appreciate discretion is integral to the case and is of the utmost importance.

High Success Rate

Through a combination of modern techniques and job dedication we provide an exceptionally high success rate. We go above and beyond to make sure a positive result is gained in all the cases we undertake.

Competitive Rates

We pride ourselves on being competitively priced with respect to our competitors. We believe everyone should have access to fairly priced and professional detective services.

Fully Insured

Our investigators and detectives are covered by the necessary industry specific insurance, including indemnity and public liability. Providing both peace of mind for agents and our clients.

20 Years of Experience

Our investigators are vastly experienced within the investigations industry. Our detectives come from varied backgrounds often with previous military or service experience.

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