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Are you in search of answers to an investigation in Solihull? From personal enquiries to corporate investigations, get the leading private investigators in the West Midlands at your side when you work with us here at Reveal PIOur private investigators work to uncover facts and evidence related to a wide range of issues such as fraud, infidelity, theft, and missing persons.Acting in compliance with the law and in the strictest confidence, we offer a professional and transparent service to gather evidence for a variety of investigation types. At Reveal PI, the answers to your questions in Solihull are only a call or click away.

What To Expect From Our Private Investigator Solihull

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Our Private Investigators are highly skilled and experienced professionals, dedicated to uncovering the truth of a case through an objective and proportional strategy. We are hired by individuals and businesses alike, in Solihull and nationally. The cases we work on vary greatly, sometimes requiring more than one of our services to gather the information needed. Sometimes cases are focussed on theft, fraud or infidelity, and at other times, our services are required to find and contact someone important to our clients, or to serve legal documents directly to someone who needs to attend court.

We use a range of techniques in our investigations, designing the most effective strategy based on the information you provide about your case. These can include covert surveillance, vehicle tracking and bug sweeping. We also provide Lie Detector or Polygraph testing, facilitated by trained and accredited experts. All evidence is reported to a high standard, granting you security in taking your next steps. Because our investigations are planned on a case-by-case basis, each case begins with a conversation at our office just outside Solihull. We offer a discreet call-back service, allowing you to keep enquiries confidential.

How can Reveal PI help you or your business Solihull

Reveal PI can offer invaluable assistance in helping you protect your business and personal interests in Solihull. We can provide you with the information and evidence you need to make informed decisions, and help you take appropriate action when necessary.

Why hire a private detective in Solihull?

If you are based in Solihull and require information or any other service a private investigator can provide, then it’s imperative you receive the right expertise.

Our private detectives in Solihull understand the importance of confidentiality and the value of preserving our client’s privacy. We are fully compliant with all required laws, regulations and general industry standards.

We prioritise discretion in all aspects of our work, from client communication and investigation techniques to our overall approach when conducting investigations in Solihull, and across the wider UK.

Our principal director is a member of the Association of British Investigators, so rest assured, all of our investigations are undertaken legally, lawfully and ethically. Our rates are transparent and all costs are discussed prior to booking, so clients need not worry about hidden charges or being stung with unexpected bills once work has been completed.

The work we conduct goes undetected to all those except the client and ourselves, nobody will be aware that an investigation has even taken place unless they are shown the information we have obtained. 

All of the information we store is encrypted and only accessible by those working on the case. We will not hold personal data for any longer than necessary and use secure passworded methods of transfer whenever we need to submit information..

We leave nothing to the imagination, once our team has completed your investigation you will be presented with a detailed report that meets the highest of standards and is admissible as evidence in a court of law. A combination of high definition video footage and time stamped photography will allow you to feel as though you were there to witness the events in person.

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Private Investigator Services in Solihull

When you lack vital evidence for any kind of personal or corporate investigation, getting the right expertise is essential.

Rest assured that our private investigators are here to support any information finding or surveillance operations. We also serve legal documents directly to someone who needs to attend court, among many other specialised services.

All of the investigation services we undertake are done so legally, lawfully and ethically. This makes Reveal PI a leading private detective agency in the UK. We are also accredited to
BS 102000 Standard, which excels industry expectations for regulation.

Here is an overview of the individual and corporate services we provide across the Solihull area.

Our private investigators in Solihull can provide a range of surveillance services. These may be required due to ongoing legal or civil proceedings, or to uncover information related to infidelity among other reasons.

Finding addresses or contact details for somebody in Solihull can be challenging. However, with the right expertise it can be done with only the smallest amount of details. Our private detectives in Solihull can help you find debtors, witnesses or reunite family through our person tracing services.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, or you have concerns about a partner’s past, it can be difficult to prove. Our Solihull private detectives are on the case. We have vast experience in investigating relationships and can help you find the answers you need by providing you with tangible proof.

When someone takes a lie detector test, it can be determined if subtle body clues match the verbal answer given. Lie Detector tests in Solihull can verify an individual’s account or highlight dishonesty. Polygraph tests have a wide variety of uses in personal or corporate scenarios.

The use of hidden monitoring devices is a serious violation of your privacy and trust. Bug sweeping will comb the area for any kind of hidden recording equipment which may threaten your privacy. If you require bug sweeping services in Solihull our private investigators can provide an unrivalled level of expertise.

GPS Vehicle Tracking provides vital data to establish patterns of movement and offers support to surveillance teams.

The location, movements and driving style of a vehicle can be monitored in real-time with GPS vehicle tracking. The data that a GPS tracker collects may be required for matrimonial or corporate investigations. In addition, GPS data is invaluable in cases of vehicle theft.

Corporate Services Services in Solihull

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Corporate private investigation assists employers and businesses with investigations. Our private detective in Solihull can assist employers, who might otherwise avoid investigating dishonest staff because they lack experience or fear legal action.

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Our Solihull private investigators assist with all manner of injury and insurance claims, including where fraudulent claims are suspected. Furthermore, claiming injuries for financial gain can lead to stigma and unnecessary stress for individuals who depend on legitimate compensation and injury benefits.

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Process servers provide a trusted method of delivery that ensures documents have been received by the correct individual. As private investigators, we can locate the intended recipient in Solihull, while acting in accordance with CPR rules and data protection laws.

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Our mystery shoppers in Solihull collect vital intelligence about the customer’s experience and can find evidence of unscrupulous retailers. For instance, identifying fake goods being sold or the illegal sale of alcohol. We conduct mystery shopping services in businesses right across the Solihull area for a variety of reasons.

WPCCorporate Person Tracing

We offer enquiry agent services in Solihull such as witness tracing, locating debtors and financial investigations. Our enquiry agents can organise background checks, access public records and conduct surveillance. Acting in compliance with the law, we can investigate a range of individual and corporate matters.

Private Investigator Solihull FAQs

Have any questions about all things private investigators in Solihull?

We’ve answered the most common queries below. But if you don’t see your question listed, please give us a call on 01926 298 466, email us at or fill out our contact form.

As a private detective agency in Solihull, we work right across the town and the County of West Midlands in general. 

Our private detectives in Solihull are available in Bacon’s End, Balsall Common, Barston, Bentley Heath, Berkswell, Bickenhill, Blossomfield, Castle Bromwich, Catherine-de-Barnes, Chelmsley Wood, Cheswick Green, Coleshill Heath, Copt Heath, Cornets End, Dickens Heath, Dorridge, Eastcote, Elmdon, Elmdon Heath, Fen End, Fordbridge, Hampton-in-Arden, Haslucks Green, Hillfield, Hobs Moat, Hockley Heath, Kineton, Green, Kingshurst, Knowle, Longdon, Marston Green, Meer End, Meriden, Monkspath, Olton, Sharmans Cross, Shirley, Smith’s Wood, Solihull, Solihull Lodge, Tidbury Green, Ulverley Green, Whitlocks End and World’s End.

Not located in Solihull? We also have a separate page for our nearby Birmingham private investigators, Warwickshire private investigators, Wolverhampton private investigators, and our Worcester private investigators

Our clients confidentiality is paramount to us and all of our agents are trained to know exactly what they can and cannot disclose.

If the task requires disclosing your identity this is something you would be made aware of at the initial stage and confirmation would be sought before proceeding.

We are fully GDPR compliant so all of the data we hold is stored and accessed securely.

We are able to deal with enquiries of all natures and have experience conducting discreet door knocks, interviews, statement taking, process serving and trace work to name but a few.

The nature of every enquiry is different and our team will ensure the right solution is put forward to obtain the desired results.

Yes, all of our enquiry agents are professionals so the findings, whether that be a witness statement, trace report or observational log are detailed and accurate enough to be admissible in court.

Should any of our evidence be questioned, our agents are able to stand in court to support and defend their work.

Case Studies

If you’re still unsure about the kind of investigations we conduct, take a look at some of our success stories.

Can’t Say ‘No’ to Furlough Before the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the UK, it would be safe to say that the majority of UK employees wouldn’t have been aware of the term furlough or what being furloughed actually meant in relation to employment law. It has been reported, that at the peak of the pandemic, that nearly 25% of all British employees have been furloughed meaning they would receive 80% of their typical monthly salaries and were not able…

Missing Wife

We were contacted by a man who wanted to discuss a divorce with his estranged wife, as with many of our clients he was unsure of how he would be able to file for divorce following a large period of separation coupled with having no contact. Our client and his wife had been separated for a number of years but were still married and after spending a couple of years he and his new muse decided they wanted to…

The Noise Complaint

A client contacted us regarding a noise complaint, they’d regularly hear dogs barking at night, this was of course frustrating and doubly so as the client had recently given birth and the child was constantly being woken up and beginning to cry due to the exterior noises. Our client was understandably stressed as the disturbance had gone on for some time. They requested our assistance with finding out more about where the noise is coming from, due to the…

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