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Not sure about our services? Read examples of how our surveillance service has helped our customers.

The Family Thief

We were contacted a woman who was determined to find out who had stolen money from her house, the difficulty was that all of the suspects were family. She had almost entirely lost contact with her grandchildren as money has been stolen from her purse at a family event and she had no way of proving her suspicions were correct. The grandchildren were in there early 30’s but this had been a recurring event over the previous years and she had decided that enough was enough. We arranged for all three of the suspects to come to our office and take a lie detector test asking each of the three the same set of questions, by coincidence the first grandchild that sat the test turned out to be the culprit. We still tested the other two grandchildren and confirmed they were both innocent. Read the full case: The Family Thief

Benefit Fraud

A local council received an anonymous tip that one of their neighbours was committing benefit fraud by exaggerating the extent of their injuries. Our surveillance team monitored the individual who was alleged to be completely paralysed from the waist down for a number of days and pursued the individual to a nearby town where as if by miracle he regained use of his legs. Our footage showed the individual walking 50 metres unassisted; the team involved in obtaining the evidence stood as witnesses in court, supported the claims they had made and their evidence was used to secure a criminal prosecution. Read the full case: Benefit Fraud

The Vehicle Tracker

A manufacturing firm contacted us because they were had noticed that one of their competitors had recently started using a number of their suppliers and drastically reduces their pricing. After speaking with the director we worked out with our team what the possible options were and after interviewing a couple of members of staff found a pattern that suggested all of the suppliers their competitor had started using were dealt with by a single sales person. Rather than confronting the sales person and making accusations we spoke to the director who assured us he was a loyal employee and looked at alternative options. We conducted a bug sweep on the employee’s vehicle and found that there was a small GPS tracking device attached which had been relaying the employee’s routes and used by a competitor to identify their suppliers. Read the full case: The Vehicle Tracker

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