Employee Investigations

We assist companies by gathering the truth about employee related issues such as Accident at work claims, Theft, Long Term Sickness, Moonlighting and breaches of non-compete clauses

Discreet Execution

Employers often feel powerless to take actions against employees in fear that they are breaking the law or that they don’t have the right to investigate members of staff. It is true that there are a number of considerations a company should make before undertaking an employee investigation however by hiring an experienced private investigation firm you will alleviate that risk. We work closely with a number of HR departments and directors to protect their businesses against rogue employees and financial losses. Our team make continuous efforts to update and improve our processes in effort to be fully GDPR compliant, we go through the necessary procedures to ensure that every solution we provide is not only the optimal solution for that particular problem but also in line with all employment contracts and relevant legislation.


Every investigation is planned meticulously before commencing and we ensure that the company are informed and updated throughout the entire process, it is for that reason many of our clients treat us as an extension of their business with a shared goal as opposed to external entity. The reports we provide are admissible as evidence in court so you are not limited to using them for employment tribunals and the investigators will be prepared to stand as a witness should that be required.  

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Expert HR Advice
  • Complementary Consultation & Collaborative Planning
  • Reports Presented to Admissible Evidence Standards
  • Experienced Across all Areas of Employee Investigations

Case Studies

Concerned about a troublesome employee? Take a look how we have supported other businesses

The Accident At Work

The managing director of a logistics company contacted us as they were concerned about a member of staff who suffered a light injury at work. a week later he received contact from a ‘No Win, No Fee’ legal firm, stated that his employee was unable to work and were taking legal action. With an inkling of foul play, but no evidence to back up their suspicions the employer contacted Reveal Private Investigators for some advice. Find out more about our Private Investigators were able to stack up a case against this fraudulent warehouse worker.

Fraudulent Tender Process

The director was contacted by a contractor they has used on a previous project and informed that one of the partners had been giving out details of competitors tenders in exchange for cash rewards. He claimed that he had been given details of the most competitive bid in exchange for a sum in excess of £10,000, in addition to that he had been given directions on how to inflate his invoices to recoup the funds in additional costs throughout the process.

Stealing Clients

When working in a corporate environment, sales and attrition of those business deals are often critical to a company’s success. With the highest performers understandably growing with the business and taking some pressure of those colleagues that may be struggling. But when a member of staff who hasn’t been pulling their weight begins to jeopardise the rest of the team, you may have to let them go. One such client found themselves in a similar position, although they noticed further problems occurring down the line. This is where the employers HR department contacted Reveal to discuss how our employee investigation service may get to the matter.

What Our Clients Said


Yes, it is legal however there are well established laws and clear boundaries that must be adhered to when investigating an employee and every situation will differ hugely from the next. Factors such as your contract of employment, internal procedures and of course the severity of the issue being investigated will all have a huge impact on what course of action you can take legally.

We have expert HR advice on hand to ensure that all the necessary measures have been taken before any investigation work is conducted and that all precautions are taken to ensure the investigation is completed in the least intrusive and most effective manner.

That depends on the issue being investigated and the type of investigation being conducted. Most companies have a policy in place that allows them to investigate an employee under certain circumstances, this may be as simple monitoring call volumes if they are not hitting sales targets or looking at their electronic communications if allegations of harassment have been made, both are forms of investigation. In a very similar fashion you may be within your rights to investigate an employee without telling them if the investigation is proportionate in respect to the crime being committed and if the purpose of the investigation would be hampered by informing them of the measures put in place.

We provide free consultation and have expert HR advisors on hand to ensure that we provide the right solution every time.


Investigating an employee can come in a variety of different forms, some of the most common issues we see are moonlighting employees (working at other companies) and absenteeism (employee’s who are fraudulently claiming they are unable to attend work). They usually involve a combination of surveillance and tracing​ services.

All of the investigations we undertake are done so within the law, all of the information we obtain and store is done so in compliance with GDPR and all of the reports we present are admissible as evidence in court should it be required.