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Case Studies

Not sure about our services? Read examples of how our surveillance service has helped our customers.

The Listening Device In The Board Room

It is not unusual for disgruntled employees to attempt to take revenge on their previous employers but we were a little surprised to find a current employee already planning his revenge before he was dismissed. A regular client of ours asked us if we could shed any light on how his staff seemed to be aware there was going to be a safety inspection prior to it happening. We spoke to a few employees and found that one particular employee appeared to be ‘in-the-know’ but we still weren’t aware of how he had obtained the information. We sent our team to sweep some of the communal areas and offices and found a hidden listening device planted inside the board room. We were able to trace the owner of the SIM card and confirm that the employee in question had bought the SIM card, when questioned he explained that he thought the company were planning to let him go so he had planted it to try and find dirt he could use against them. Read the full case: The Listening Device in the Board Room

The Global Client

A polish company came to us after they discovered that they had been defrauded by a company they believed to be an international retailer with a huge UK presence. The company was contacted by an individual posing to be a buyer for this large retailer, they arranged a trade agreement and received an order of around £50,000. Days before the delivery was due to occur the buyer asked if they could use an alternative delivery address as there primary storage was full of promotional stock. The delivery seemed to go well and within a month they placed another order of a similar size, it wasn’t until they tried to chase the initial invoice that they realised the email address they had been liaising with was very similar to but not identical to the domain of the retailer they thought they had been dealing with. When they contacted the actual retailer they confirmed that it was no association of theirs and the company realised they had been scammed, we conducted an investigation and were able to prove that the delivery company was liable. The firm were able to recoup the funds from the delivery companies insurance policy. Read the full case at: The Global Client

The Man Who Accused Our Process Server Of Lying

In many of our process serves we wear a covert body-worn camera and obtain video evidence of the serve, although it is very rare anybody ever disputes that they were served, it does happen from time to time. After identifying himself to our process server the man changed his mind and openly said he was going to say that he never received the document, we informed the man that the process was being recorded and that now he had identified himself we were legally within our rights to leave the documents on the floor as he was aware they were there. He insisted that he didn’t care and that he didn’t believe the serve was being recorded, the documents were placed inside his doorway and we explained that it was similar to a parking ticket, you can rip it up or throw it in the bin but it doesn’t change the fact you have received it. The man claimed he had never received the document and we supplied video evidence to his solicitor showing not only him with the documents in his hand but also admitting he was going to lie about receiving them. Needless to say the man’s statement changed shortly after. Read the full case: The Man who accused our process server of lying