Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Corporate private investigators assist businesses with workplace investigations to determine if company policies have been broken or security has been breached. As well as uncovering unacceptable employee conduct, corporate detectives can gather information regarding any activity which may threaten the profitability or reputation of the company.

While far from exhaustive, some common reasons why a company may require corporate investigation services include suspected employee theft or fraud. Likewise, corporate investigators can also conduct investigations involving external individuals or factors related to the business such as due diligence for potential partners. 

The information gathered by a corporate private investigator assists businesses by allowing them to make informed decisions within their investigation. The service ensures an informed approach which is not easy to achieve without the right knowledge, tools and in some cases a considerable time commitment, making the insights provided extremely valuable.

Here is an overview of the types of corporate services provided by Reveal PI, with our team based in Birmingham and operating across the UK. 

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Asset Tracing

During a business transaction or private legal dispute, assets may be moved or purposely undisclosed. Asset tracing seeks to uncover lost or hidden assets within a corporate setting. Asset tracing can be required for cases related to due diligence, embezzlement, identity verification or pre-litigation. Any findings by our private investigators are delivered as part of a report to inform the next steps and can also be used within legal proceedings.

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Employee Investigations

Employees may not always act within the terms set out in their contract, and some actions may put the profitability or reputation of that business at stake. Using covert surveillance techniques, employee investigations can include everything from background checks to identifying the culprit of theft. In addition, investigations can uncover if someone is fraudulently claiming sick leave or is working a second job (Moonlighting) without permission, along with other forms of employee misconduct.

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Injury & Insurance Investigations

When someone makes a claim on their insurance or wants to place blame on a business for injuries, they may stand to receive a significant financial settlement and this is usually the motivation behind fraudulent claims. Insurance and injury fraud is extremely common, though requires concrete evidence to prove. Our private investigators can lend their insightful knowledge and skills to catch potential injury or insurance fraudsters in the act. All of which can avoid costly payouts for businesses, while also assisting with subsequent prosecutions where warranted.

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Process Serving

Handling legal documents and delivering them to the correct recipient is an extremely important task. This is especially the case given the sensitivity of what may be contained within the documents, along with the potential for the recipient to be evasive or difficult to locate. Our private investigators conduct process serving on behalf of courts, law firms or anyone else involved in a legal case. Our process serving is carried out with the utmost level of professionalism and discretion.

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Enquiry Agents

Enquiry agents gather information on behalf of businesses by visiting locations, conducting surveillance operations or searching through public records. Information can be required for a number of reasons including employee background checks, tracing debtors, insurance investigations or general legal matters. As with other forms of corporate services provided by a private investigator, enquiry agents gather research discreetly to avoid jeopardising the case. Private investigators also know how to collect any evidence in a way which complies with the law.

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Mystery Shopping

Posing as a customer, mystery shoppers can uncover anything ranging from poor customer service to the illegal sale of goods. As the mystery shopping task is performed by a private investigator, the operation to gather evidence including video footage remains discreet. Furthermore, our investigators have the ability to engage with businesses in a manner that will provide insight into the natural behaviour of employees , so that any evidence obtained is a representation of the true customer experience.

Corporate Private Investigation Services FAQs

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A corporate private investigator conducts investigations on behalf of businesses and organisations. In any instance where a company’s profits, operations or reputation is at stake from theft, fraud or other forms of unscrupulous behaviour, a private investigator can be invaluable in gathering information.

Yes, it is perfectly legal to hire a private investigator if your business is based in the UK, so long as the investigator abides by all applicable laws and regulations. At Reveal PI, our team holds accreditations with various bodies, including the Association of British Investigators. This ensures we work within the highest standards of professionalism, including when working on behalf of our corporate clients. 

The assistance of a private investigator is often called upon by companies, especially when that company does not have the skills or resources to conduct their own investigations. Corporate private investigation services span everything from employee investigations to fraud investigations, making the service extremely versatile depending on the matter that requires further investigation.

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