Fraud Investigations

A picture says a thousand words, our surveillance services provide answers to your questions in the form of solid photographic and video evidence. Whether a private client, solicitor or business there is little more conclusive than video evidence.

Careful Research

Research conducted by the ABI estimates that in 2013 alone £1.3b of insurance fraud was detected, that works out to an extortionate £3.5m each day. These figures are shocking but it is more worrying to know that an estimated further £2.1b went undetected. These figures only account for insurance fraud and not personal injury or benefit fraud. Our investigators have covered Fraud cases of all shapes and sizes, although financial fraud is common we have seen a huge rise in personal injury fraud, online fraud and benefit fraud in recent years. The evidence we have prepared has been used as the deciding factor in criminal convictions and our team have stood alongside our clients as witnesses to ensure the evidence we provide cannot be disputed.
  • Personal Accident Claims
  • Injury at Work Claims
  • Slip, Trip & Fall Claims
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Financial Fraud


Although fraud investigations are rarely straightforward we utilise the full spectrum of our investigatory services and global network of investigators to obtain the truth and prepare evidence that will demonstrate that under any level of scrutiny.


Case Studies

Not sure about our services? Read examples of how our surveillance service has helped our customers.

Fraudulent Orders From A National Retailer

A polish company contacted us when they discovered they had been defrauded by a company based in the UK. They had received an email expressing interest in their products so they sent across their product catalogues and began negotiations, they discussed opening a line of credit. Normally they would require the client to build credit through a series of smaller and successful orders but due to the size of the potential deal they made an exception and agreed to a credit limit of £100,000, a deal that wouldn’t turn out as fruitful as initially promised.

Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud in this country costs the country an estimated £3.6 Billion a year. No small amount I’m sure you’ll agree. From a long and trusted relationship with local councils and DWP, cases related to injury and benefit fraud are not new to us. We have completed many successful operations geared towards finding out the truth regarding claimants’ ailments and working arrangements that have always highlighted the truth. One case regarding a disability benefit claimant was particularly shocking. Find out the truth behind a paralysed benefit claimant

What Our Clients Said


Fraud comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, we have experience working on cases from identity fraud through to online and financial fraud.

Many of the cases share similar characteristics and almost all involve the use of fraudulent documents, we are happy to assist with all types of fraud.

All of our team are happy to offer free and impartial advice so if you are worried that you may be the victim of fraud we strongly recommend giving us a call, if you are the victim of financial fraud you may want to call the non-emergency police number (101) and report a crime before you do so.


Above all else do not provide bank details or send/transfer money to anybody you have not met in person


Yes, all of the work we conduct is done so legally and all of our reports are prepared to a standard that meets evidential requirements. 

We also work with a number of law firms and are happy to recommend legal representation to those that require it.

Fraud is a growing problem and it affects people and companies from all walks of life.

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the number of people falling victim to identity fraud in particular those tricked in to handing over money to people through online dating scams.

Statistically individuals aged 45-54 are the most likely to become a victim of some form of fraud.