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Theft in the Workplace

Finding the thief or preventing it from happening again, which is more important to your business? With some online investigation work, some test purchases and some carefully planned covert surveillance, we achieved both. Our investigation enabled our client to prosecute criminal employee’s, reduce loss of revenue and make important changes that protected them against future losses.

The Accident At Work

The managing director of a logistics company contacted us as they were concerned about a member of staff who suffered a light injury at work. a week later he received contact from a ‘No Win, No Fee’ legal firm, stated that his employee was unable to work and were taking legal action. With an inkling of foul play, but no evidence to back up their suspicions the employer contacted Reveal Private Investigators for some advice. Find out more about our Private Investigators were able to stack up a case against this fraudulent warehouse worker.

Moonlight Manicures

Scared to investigate delicate employee matters…again? Dealing with a pregnant employee’s health claims is a task most HR departments would avoid like the plague because they never have more than suspicion or allegations. We saved our client thousands by discovering the truth about a pregnant woman’s exaggerated illness claims and providing them with the categorical evidence they needed to take decisive action.

What Is My Partner Doing On A Night Out?

Whether husband and wife, or girlfriend and boyfriend, the question is “What is my partner doing on a night out?” is very common and you wouldn’t be the first to wonder it yourself. One client who contacted us had these thoughts for too long and when confronted her partner was told that she was crazy, delusional, insane and paranoid. All tell tale signs that someone has something to cover up. Read on about how we knocked over the lies and uncovered the truth.

Is My Husband Cheating?

We received a phone call from a distraught woman who strongly suspected her husband was cheating, she explained that he had always worked long hours but recently it had become more frequent and the excuses he gave were getting more and more flimsy, he claimed he was being forced to work overtime but his earnings never seemed to change. We carried our surveillance and discovered his stories didn’t seem to match his actions.

The Camera In The Clock

Our client was convinced that her ex-husband was spying on her because he seemed to know more than she was telling him. She had recently kicked him out of the marital home because he had been caught having an affair but he still had a set of keys and she was positive he had hidden something in the property. A small team conducted a bug sweep at the property and noticed that one of the clocks seemed to have been modified.

The Listening Device In The Board Room

A manufacturing company had found secrets were being leaked and when it became apparent that news of an unscheduled safety inspection had got out they decided it was time to take action. They arranged a bug sweep and after only a short amount of time our team found something interesting.

The Fraudulent Tender Process

The director was contacted by a contractor they has used on a previous project and informed that one of the partners had been giving out details of competitors tenders in exchange for cash rewards. He claimed that he had been given details of the most competitive bid in exchange for a sum in excess of £10,000, in addition to that he had been given directions on how to inflate his invoices to recoup the funds in additional costs throughout the process.

Stealing Clients

When working in a corporate environment, sales and attrition of those business deals are often critical to a company’s success. With the highest performers understandably growing with the business and taking some pressure of those colleagues that may be struggling. But when a member of staff who hasn’t been pulling their weight begins to jeopardise the rest of the team, you may have to let them go. One such client found themselves in a similar position, although they noticed further problems occurring down the line. This is where the employers HR department contacted Reveal to discuss how our employee investigation service may get to the matter.

Fraudulent Orders From A National Retailer

A polish company contacted us when they discovered they had been defrauded by a company based in the UK. They had received an email expressing interest in their products so they sent across their product catalogues and began negotiations, they discussed opening a line of credit. Normally they would require the client to build credit through a series of smaller and successful orders but due to the size of the potential deal they made an exception and agreed to a credit limit of £100,000, a deal that wouldn’t turn out as fruitful as initially promised.

Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud in this country costs the country an estimated £3.6 Billion a year. No small amount I’m sure you’ll agree. From a long and trusted relationship with local councils and DWP, cases related to injury and benefit fraud are not new to us. We have completed many successful operations geared towards finding out the truth regarding claimants’ ailments and working arrangements that have always highlighted the truth. One case regarding a disability benefit claimant was particularly shocking. Find out the truth behind a paralysed benefit claimant

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