Infidelity Investigations

Finding that your partner has been lying to you can shake your self-belief. Our investigations can help you find the answers you need.

Finding the Truth

Confronting a cheating spouse can be a daunting task, and often the most difficult step is feeling that your concerns are valid. Whether you are seeking evidence to confront your partner, to use in court or simply for personal closure, our infidelity investigations can provide clarity in a difficult situation.

Most relationship experts agree that, if a partner is being unfaithful, there are likely to be changes in their behaviour. These changes alone are not a guaranteed sign of infidelity, as something else may have changed, but these details are a good starting point for any investigation.

We are able to use our skills to help confirm or deny any suspicions you may have, and the evidence we provide will be prepared to a meticulous standard and will be sufficient to use as evidence in court, should it be required.

We will assign a case manager to guide you through what can be an emotional process, and we are ready to be guided by you to move at a pace with which you are comfortable. Our team will always give you time, ensuring you feel comfortable discussing the situation with us, and we will never press for details you do not want to disclose. You are under no obligation to provide specific details about yourself or your partner and, if you choose not to proceed beyond making an enquiry, we will not keep a record of your call.

Get in Touch to Discuss Your Needs

What sort of Infidelity Investigations are there?

I think my partner might be cheating.

Matrimonial Investigations

Suspecting your partner of cheating is a difficult time, and living with uncertainty can cause unhealthy amounts of stress. By discussing your concerns with us, we can make an appropriate plan to find out what is really happening. This may involve covert surveillance and other services such as tracing where there are suspected third parties involved. Our private investigators are trained in discreetly following and observing people, using long-lens cameras to collect video and photographic evidence of their actions.

Making the decision to hire private investigators to look into your partner’s behaviour is one only you can make. We will never take action that isn’t proportional or reasonable, and you are under no obligation to follow through with any enquiries. If you do decide that conducting a private investigation could provide the peace of mind you need, we will be discreet in our communications and invoicing, plus the contact preferences that we arrange will ensure we never reach out to you at a time that is inconvenient. If you decide not to continue an adultery investigation, we will not hold onto any details of your case and will not contact you if you do not wish to be contacted.

My partner seems to be working unusual hours.

Matrimonial Investigations | Surveillance

If your partner’s working hours have changed but don’t seem to follow a pattern, or there’s no impact on their earnings, you might be asking questions about what’s really going on. From late-night emailing to extended overtime at the office, work can provide a convenient excuse for a partner to behave in ways they wouldn’t know when you are there. Whether your partner is being unfaithful or their work situation has changed, not being fully honest with you could damage your relationship irreparably.

Reveal private investigators would first gather the details of their new working arrangement from you in an initial consultation and discuss possible services that could help uncover the truth. It might be that we station a team at the workplace to conduct covert surveillance, noting what time they leave and where they go at that time. We use long-range cameras to collect high-quality photo and video evidence, which we return to you as conclusive evidence of their actions. We will never reveal ourselves to your partner or anyone else.

I am going to file for divorce and I want to prove my partner is having an affair.

Matrimonial Investigations

In the UK, the law on divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships is changing to remove the concept of ‘fault’. From Autumn 2021 a statement of irretrievable relationship breakdown is all that is necessary to begin proceedings. Until then, the law still requires ‘five facts’ to show the breakdown in the relationship and, even after changes, evidence of an ongoing affair can add clarity and context to the case.

All of our evidence is reported to the highest standard, meaning that our time-stamped photography and video footage is admissible in court as evidence. In our initial consultation, we will collect details of your suspicions to find a pattern of behaviour. These patterns may be hidden but our experience has taught us that people always repeat behaviours in a pattern or routine of some form. We use these patterns to identify the times and locations at which we are most likely to find useful evidence and make a plan for surveillance to collect evidence of the affair.

What our customers said

Infidelity Investigations Case Studies

Interested in our matrimonial investigations? Read about how we have helped others.

What Is My Partner Doing On A Night Out?

Whether husband and wife, or girlfriend and boyfriend, the question is “What is my partner doing on a night out?” is very common and you wouldn’t be the first to wonder it yourself. One client who contacted us had these thoughts for too long and when confronted her partner was told that she was crazy, delusional, insane and paranoid. All tell tale signs that someone has something to cover up. Read on about how we knocked over the lies…

Why Is My Wife Being Distant?

Over a number of months our client had seen his wife becoming increasingly distant, he gave us insight into her job and her working routine and explained how she seemed to be becoming more argumentative. He also went on to explain that he had strong suspicions she was seeing somebody from work and he had made multiple attempts to confront her and offer her a chance to confess her infidelity….

Is My Husband Cheating?

We received a phone call from a distraught woman who strongly suspected her husband was cheating, she explained that he had always worked long hours but recently it had become more frequent and the excuses he gave were getting more and more flimsy, he claimed he was being forced to work overtime but his earnings never seemed to change. We carried our surveillance and discovered his stories didn’t seem to match his actions….

Corporate Services

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We assist employers, who might otherwise avoid investigating dishonest staff because they lack experience or fear legal action.

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Lying about injuries for financial gain creates stigma and undue stress for those who rely on compensation and injury payments.

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Becoming a victim of fraud can be stressful and financially devastating so investigating it professionally and effectively is vital.

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Process servers provide a trusted method of delivery that ensures documents have been received. 

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Mystery shoppers collect vital intelligence about the customers experience and can find evidence of unscrupulous retailers.

WPCCorporate Person Tracing

Enquiry agents can conduct covert and overt enquiries, obtaining additional information to support investigations.

Infidelity Investigations FAQs

As with any of our investigation services, the first step is to speak to one of our friendly team and explain what your situation is and what you are trying to achieve. Once we have an idea of what your objectives are we will be able to explain to you what the options are, what the associated costs will be and what we would recommend to be the most suitable solution.


Consultation is free of charge, there is zero obligation and if you do not wish to proceed we will not store any of the details we have discussed.

There is no ‘off-shelf solution to this type of investigation work. However, there are several options available to you.

The first step you need to do is to speak to one of our investigators about your concerns. We will discuss your expectations and see if they are realistic and if your objectives are achievable.

Our clients’ confidentiality is paramount to us, and all of our private investigators are trained to know exactly what they can and cannot disclose.

If the task requires disclosing your identity, this is something you would be made aware of at the initial stage and confirmation would be sought before proceeding.

We are fully GDPR compliant, so all of the data we hold is stored and accessed securely.

There is no simple answer to this question however, there are a variety of signs that may be indicative that your partner is being dishonest or potentially hiding something.

Through years of working on matrimonial disputes, we have become aware of some of the most common signs, and you can check them out in our blog post: The Truth Behind Cheating.


Our investigators are highly skilled and trained to deal with all possible circumstances. In the incredibly unlikely event that one of our investigators is confronted, they will have a carefully prepared cover story to ensure they are not compromised.

Even under scrutiny, they would never reveal their true identity or reveal the identity of you as our client.

As with any investigation you must demonstrate that you have a valid reason to begin an investigation and the solution must be proportionate and justifiable. If you suspect an ex-partner is breaking the law while they have custody of your child, you may well have grounds to investigate them.

Yes, all of the infidelity investigations we conduct are done so legally, lawfully, and ethically.

This ensures that any reports we provide you with are admissible as evidence in court, should they be needed. Ensure you tell your case manager that the reports may be needed in court, and they will prepare the necessary supporting statements when your evidence is submitted.

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Our Person Tracing service is used for many different reasons, but one of the most common is to find estranged family members. Clients come to us with a last known address, an old phone number and a name, but people often forget that each of these clients has a story.

When family members don’t stay in touch, there’s often a root cause that needs to be addressed before they can have a positive reunion. 


At RevealPI, we’re dedicated to supporting our clients to the very end of their case. We never just give you what we’ve found and send you on your way. Having the courage to contact someone after years apart is hard, especially if there’s a difficult history.

Cut Off During a Mental Health Crisis

Recently we had a client who wanted to regain contact with her family. They had cut her off years before, after her behaviour had become volatile and problematic. This client had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, a mental illness which causes a person to experience periods of severe depression and periods of mania. Unlike mood swings, extreme episodes can last for several weeks or more, and quickly rocket from one to the other.

A depressive episode can lead to overwhelming feelings of worthlessness, which may lead to suicidal thoughts. During these episodes, a person may be diagnosed with clinical depression before a manic episode occurs.

During a manic episode, a person may feel very happy, have seemingly endless energy and start making ambitious plans. However enjoyable this sounds, it quickly spirals into feeling out of control. It can lead to irresponsible spending habits, not eating or sleeping, quickly becoming annoyed and angry. Some people with bipolar disorder may experience symptoms of psychosis during a manic episode.

It may be that our client was experiencing a manic episode during the time her family cut her off. Family members are not always able to understand or cope with the unpredictable actions and responses of those with bipolar disorder. 


Searching for Support

When the client contacted us, she was distraught and in need of support. She wanted to find her family and talk to them. 

We were able to get in touch with the client’s mother and sister, but sadly they did not want contact. Where we are asked to do Person Tracing, we do not pass on anybody’s details without their consent. But to leave this client with nothing would have been counter to our ethical standards. There was still more we could do.

We offered the client and her family a mediation service. With their agreement, we acted as intermediaries. We delivered a message from the client to her family so that she could reach out. When they responded, we arranged for the family to call the client from a withheld number. During this call, the client could explain her situation, and the family helped her to get the support she needed. Both the client and her family were protected from entering an unpredictable situation, and the client received help and support with her mental health.


What Is Mediation?

Mediation, sometimes called arbitration, is a process of intervention which aims to resolve a dispute. In mediation, an objective third party facilitates meaningful communication between two parties. It is a common way to resolve workplace disputes, where communication between colleagues has broken down, and is used in family law, where separated partners need to discuss arrangements for their children without going to court.

Mediation may involve a discussion with a third party present to keep the conversation on track. Alternatively, the mediator may act as a messenger between the two parties, understanding the point of view of each and relaying that to the other in order to find a resolution. 

The goal of mediation is to achieve a concrete outcome that is good for both sides. Both sides have control of the final outcome, which may include:

  • Sending important details or documents
  • Help with family affairs
  • Ongoing communication
  • Conditions for rebuilding the relationship
  • Or in cases of estranged married couples, agreeing to divorce

3 things to know about Reveal PI Estrangement Mediation Services

  1. We never give out someone’s details without consent

At RevealPI we have a duty of care to all those we interact with. When we locate someone as part of our Person Tracing services, we contact them first to let them know our client is looking for them. In some cases, the person does not wish to be found, for whatever reason.

It is in these situations that we may start discussing a mediation.

  1. Mediation is a choice

Mediation is something to which both parties must agree. We can’t force anyone to accept a phone call from a withheld number, or to respond to a message. 

What we can do is explain the situation and why somebody wants to find them. It may be that they need help with family matters, or just want to reconnect. In most cases, explaining the reasons for person tracing can help people come around.

  1. Mediation is Confidential

As with all of our cases, we do not share anything discussed in mediation with anyone not involved. We operate discreetly, keeping the details of cases out of emails or letters, so that our clients have confidence that their investigation will remain private.

Bringing People Together Safely

Our mediation service is designed to protect the wellbeing and mental health of all those involved, both the client and the person for whom they’re searching.

Where clients are vulnerable, reconnecting with estranged family members can help them get back on their feet. They may only need someone who knows them to listen and offer emotional support, or they may need more concrete help that is not easy to access through statutory channels, such as help managing their money or house. Reuniting people with those they’ve lost touch with can:

  • Reduce the impact of isolation
  • Improve their sense of self-worth
  • Help them gain confidence in asking for help

Where people have distanced themselves for reasons of extreme hurt or even abuse, reunions can be dangerous. When asking someone to come back into a client’s life, we as investigators should be aware that we are asking them to enter a vulnerable position and trust the person again.

It is for this reason that we offer Mediation. As a flexible conflict-resolution tool, mediation can be used for as long or as little as people choose to rebuild a relationship in a safe environment, or to hear someone out before making a decision on continuing contact.

RevealPI & BHSF: Mental Health Support Offer

As we build our mental health awareness as an agency, we have partnered with BHSF to offer all of our clients access to BHSF’s mental health services. During and after an investigation, we are now able to offer clients a soft referral towards free, confidential mental health support, simply by passing on a phone number. We hope that this removes barriers to getting help after undergoing a stressful experience, without obliging anyone to take it up. The available support ranges from telephone counselling to in-depth psychological assessments from BHSF.