Injury & Insurance Investigations

Fraudulent injury and insurance claims cost billions of pounds each year, we obtain evidence to support or discredit these claims.

Claim Validation

The increase in fraudulent insurance claims has a dramatic effect on the premiums paid by everyone, in recent years we have seen a significant rise in the number of fraudulent and exaggerated claims. Most insurance claims will be subject to some form of claim validation and this can range from a routine telephone interview with the claimant to an in-depth investigation requiring covert surveillance to assess impact the accident has had.

We have provided support to a number of insurers having difficulty assessing precarious claims, in many situations they are aware that the claim has some truth to it but need to clarify the extent of the damage or injury. The evidence we obtain and the reports we present serve as invaluable testimony in many cases and have drastically reduced the insurers financial liability. 


Case Studies

Are you trying to obtain evidence that a fraudulent claim has been made against you? Read some of our success stories.

The Accident At Work

The managing director of a logistics company contacted us as they were concerned about a member of staff who suffered a light injury at work. a week later he received contact from a ‘No Win, No Fee’ legal firm, stated that his employee was unable to work and were taking legal action. With an inkling of foul play, but no evidence to back up their suspicions the employer contacted Reveal Private Investigators for some advice. Find out more about our Private Investigators were able to stack up a case against this fraudulent warehouse worker.

Car insurance scams and fraudulent claims are an escalating issue in the UK, with costs averaging £1.3billion each year. This effects all honest drivers and unfortunately leaves us all suffering from increasing premiums as insurance companies try to cover their losses. Often scammers will exaggerate claims of injury or damages in order to take more money out of the honest driver’s pockets. A small insurance company contacted us when they received a precarious claim following a road traffic collision.

What Our Clients Said


Claimants will frequently make excuses to try and justify their actions, especially when the evidence shows they are being deceitful. 

We ensure that the evidence we provide is indisputable, during the planning of every operation we will request specific details about the claim and agree exactly what evidence will be required to reach a conclusive decision.

Through our experience and the insurers knowledge of the claim we can eradicate any ambiguity by presenting clear and concise evidence.

Unfortunately every case is based on its own individual merit and there is no single solution to the problem so each case can vary hugely from the next.

Some investigations are concluded within a single day of Surveillance whilst others can take weeks. We will agree an acceptable timescale for the operation and although it is subject to change we will always ensure that the investigation is proportionate to the claim we are investigating.


Yes, the use of private investigators is common across the insurance industry. Many firms have their own internal departments but some are too basic to conduct the covert work required by certain claims. Other companies don’t have internal investigation departments and rely entirely on external private investigation firms such as ourselves.

We plan every investigation meticulously as there are rules and regulations that have to be adhered to in order to ensure that the solution put in place is appropriate, proportionate and the least intrusive method of finding the information that is required. Taking these necessary steps ensures that all evidence obtained can be used for it’s desired purpose.

Yes, all of the work we conduct is done so legally and all of our reports are prepared to a standard that meets evidential requirements. We also work with a number of law firms and are happy to recommend legal representation to those that require it.