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Reveal Private Investigations UK: Why Trust Us

At Reveal Private Investigations, we value discretion and protecting our clients’ anonymity. From the way we communicate with our clients, right through to the techniques we use and the approach we take when conducting investigations, discretion remains our priority. Our team of investigators come from hugely varied backgrounds, professions and cultures, allowing us to blend perfectly into any environment, situation or role.

Our team of private investigators will blend into their surroundings utilising our tools, skills, and experience to get the results you are looking for.

Our highly-trained, professional investigators, combine skills from military, law-enforcement and civilian careers to operate efficiently while blending seamlessly into their surroundings. Our UK private investigators are experienced in many different aspects of investigation ranging from covert surveillance to specialist techniques used to identify and counter complex fraudulent claims. We pride ourselves on discretion and client confidentiality throughout.

Our principal director is a member of the Association of British Investigators. All of the investigation services we undertake are done so legally, lawfully and ethically. This makes Reveal PI a leading private detective agency in the UK. Accredited to BS 102000 Standard we are ahead of the industries expectations for regulation.

Our private investigator services run silently to all those except the client and ourselves. We are highly discreet. Nobody will be aware that an investigation has even taken place unless they are shown the information we have obtained.

Our rates are transparent and quotes will be discussed prior to booking. You don’t need to worry about hidden charges or being stung with unexpected bills once work has been completed.

All of the information gathered by our professional investigator is stored securely, encrypted and access restricted to authorised staff. Data will only be accessible by those working on the case. We will not hold personal data for any longer than necessary and use secure passworded methods of transfer whenever we need to submit information.

We leave nothing to the imagination. Once our team has completed a private investigation, you will be presented with a detailed report that meets the highest of standards and can be used as irrefutable evidence in a court of law. A combination of high definition video footage and time-stamped photography will allow you to feel as though you were there gathering evidence in person.

Your Strategic Private Detective Partners

Our private detective agency services cover corporate investigations, as well as public and private investigations. We are prepared to support you in any setting following the utmost professional standards. We partner with other businesses, bringing strategic resources to inform our planning and support our clients.

We work together with our Strategic Partner, Centric HR, who provide their expert opinions on HR matters so that our workplace investigations are informed by industry-specific perspectives. Centric HR also uses RevealPI’s services to support their clients in investigative matters.

We also partner with BHSF, a non-profit health and wellbeing organisation. Due to the stressful experiences some of our clients face, BHSF has made available their expert mental health support. A range of support is now free of charge to all RevealPI clients, no matter what they’re going through.

Our Private Investigation Services


Covert Surveillance

Our covert private surveillance services provide definitive answers in the form of time-stamped photographic and video evidence. Whether the case is a legal dispute or a private matter, surveillance provides certainty where it is needed.

Person Tracing

Person Tracing

With our person tracing or address tracing services, our UK private investigator use their skills and experience to find an address or contact details for a specific individual or company. When you hire a private investigator from Reveal PI, you can count on our many years of experience in dealing with locating missing people among other issues.

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Matrimonial Investigators

Finding that your partner has been lying to you can shatter your confidence. Our private detectives can help you find the answers you need for divorce proceedings and suspected infidelity. We offer background checks, and GPS tracking services. With our level of expertise, you can feel secure that 'private matters' are being taken care of confidentially between the parties involved.

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Lie Detector Test

Polygraph tests are a proven method of detecting dishonesty by monitoring physical factors such as breathing rate, pulse, blood pressure and perspiration. Our examiners has a team of qualified examiners who have undergone extensive training in conducting polygraph tests. We are qualified members of the British Polygraph Society (BPS) and the American Polygraph Association (APA).

Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures, known as “Bug Sweeping”, generally refer to detecting hidden surveillance devices such as cameras, listening devices, data loggers, trackers and software. If you suspect that someone has planted a monitoring device such as a camera or microphone in your home, office or vehicle, our UK private investigators can help.

Vehicle Tracing

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Discreet tracking devices provide pinpoint accurate location data in real-time to allow our team to track vehicles remotely. Used to supplement our private investigation, GPS Vehicle Tracking can help detectives detect patterns of behaviour in a subject’s movements.

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Corporate Private Investigation Services

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Employee Investigations

We gather intelligence about employee-related issues, such as injury claims, long-term sickness and moonlighting. Employee Investigations include investigating claims or severity of an accident at work or the need for long term sick leave or cases of workplace theft. We also perform background checks of potential employees that are completely confidential.

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Fraud Investigations

Our fraud investigations provide answers to your questions with solid photographic and video evidence, protecting you and your business. Our investigators have covered fraud cases of all shapes and sizes. While financial fraud is common, we have also seen a huge rise in personal injury fraud, Romance Fraud, online fraud and benefit fraud in recent years.

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Injury & Insurance Investigations

Fraudulent injury and insurance claims cost billions of pounds each year. Our private investigation services have provided support to a number of insurers and loss adjustors having difficulty assessing precarious claims. We help gather relevant information and irrefutable evidence to support or discredit these claims.

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Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopper is an undercover operative who poses as a customer, making test purchases to identify retailers selling counterfeit products, operating without a license or simply to test customer service and staff knowledge. Our mystery shoppers are completely discreet and can carry out investigations without drawing attention to themselves.

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Process Serving

When notifying a party of legal action, it is important to be sure that the documentation has actually been received. A process server is a trusted third-party service that will guarantee that documents have been delivered directly to the named recipients. We are a trustworthy firm that helps courts and private individuals locate the subject, confirm their identity, and gather evidence of receipt.

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Enquiry Agents

Enquiry agents are private investigators who gather information by making physical enquiries, going door to door, to understand a particular subject. This is a supplementary service used by our private investigator UK team to collect observations discreetly and take statements for process serving or locating a missing person (person tracing).

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