Bug Sweeping

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures are generally known as bug sweeping as it generally refers to sweeping for and the detection of hidden devices such as cameras, listening devices, data loggers and transmitters.

Complete Security

  • Discreet Visits
  • Home/Office/Vehicle
  • Out of Hours Availability
  • Experienced: Creating/Deployment/Detection of Covert Devices

Whether you are concerned about your home, vehicle or office our team have the equipment and the expertise to detect and remove even the most advanced devices. In business, information alone can provide the competitive edge that distinguishes you from your competition. That information could be knowledge of a particular process, product, supplier or even market research but the cost can be phenomenal and if it was somehow leaked to your competition it could mean the difference between success and bankruptcy.

The problems a leak can cause are not purely monetary as we frequently see bugs planted in homes or vehicles by partners and family members who want to snoop. In most of these cases the bug is not intended to steal information but rather to monitor you without your knowledge, we have the experience required to sweep for these devices without tearing down walls and destroying furniture. Ultimately we aim to restore the peace of mind that what you do and say in your own home remains as private as you would like.


Case Studies

Worried about booking a bug sweep? Read some of our customer success stories.

Listening Device in the Board Room

A manufacturing company had found secrets were being leaked and when it became apparent that news of an unscheduled safety inspection had got out they decided it was time to take action. They arranged a bug sweep and after only a short amount of time our team found something interesting.

The Camera In The Clock

Our client was convinced that her ex-husband was spying on her because he seemed to know more than she was telling him. She had recently kicked him out of the marital home because he had been caught having an affair but he still had a set of keys and she was positive he had hidden something in the property. A small team conducted a bug sweep at the property and noticed that one of the clocks seemed to have been modified.

What Our Clients Said


We invest heavily in the latest bug sweeping equipment and our experience designing and deploying listening devices, covert recorders and transmitters puts us in a great position when it comes to the detection and removal of all types of bugs.

The area does not necessarily have to be empty however the more furniture/clutter there is, the longer it will take the team and the more expensive the sweep will become so we ask for the sweep area to be as empty as possible. 

With regards to people it is important that the area is as vacant as possible as the equipment is highly sensitive and interference from technology such as mobile phones and networks will hinder the effectiveness of the bug sweep.


Due to the highly sensitive nature of bug sweeping we aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours and endeavour to arrange a visit within 48 hours or at your earliest convenience.

We are available to conduct bug sweeps 24/7 however availability for out of hours searches is not as extensive as normal working hours and there will be a surcharge.

In many situations it is vital that some/all other individuals or employee’s are unaware that the bug sweep is taking place, for that reason we have a variety of pretexts that allow us to visit and complete our work without raising suspicion.

There are limitations as some of the equipment cannot be hidden however we are flexible with our approach and ensure that we will find the most discreet method/time to conduct our sweep.