Our surveillance services provide definitive answers to your questions in the form of photographic and video evidence. Whether a private client, solicitor or business there is little more conclusive than video evidence.

  • Time & Date Stamped Photography
  • High Definition Video Footage
  •  Covert Recording Platforms allow monitoring of properties/assets
  • Specialist operators for rural areas
  • Covert Body-Worn Cameras
  • Male & Female Investigators

Discreet Execution & Definitive Results

Our skilled investigators are indistinguishable from the general public allowing them to blend seamlessly into any crowd without raising suspicion, A combination of long lens cameras and hidden body-worn cameras allow footage to be taken both in close quarters and over huge distances without drawing any attention to the investigator.


The wealth of experience our team possesses guarantees the right choices are made when situations change unexpectedly and the quality of the evidence we provide reflects that. All surveillance conducted is supported by a signed log with time & date stamped photography and high quality video footage, in some situations the team witness mind blowing events that most would never believe possible, in other situations the team witness an empty property or a subject doing their weekly food shop, regardless of how exciting the results are we will still provide full documentation so our clients can see exactly what we happened.

Case Studies

Not sure whether surveillance is the right choice? Read some of our success stories

Proof Of Cohabitation

After a long and complex divorce our client was suspicious that his ex-wife was living with her new partner whilst still receiving maintenance payments on the basis that she was unable to financially support herself. The client first had these suspicions when their child mentioned mom’s new boyfriend and the places they’ve been together, along with presents he’s been getting. In this case however it was apparent that this was not a fly-by boyfriend, but a more long-term relationship. Find out how we found the evidence needed to ensure our client got a fair deal.

Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud in this country costs the country an estimated £3.6 Billion a year. No small amount I’m sure you’ll agree. From a long and trusted relationship with local councils and DWP, cases related to injury and benefit fraud are not new to us. We have completed many successful operations geared towards finding out the truth regarding claimants’ ailments and working arrangements that have always highlighted the truth. One case regarding a disability benefit claimant was particularly shocking. Find out the truth behind a paralysed benefit claimant.

What Our Clients Said


Yes, it is perfectly legal to conduct surveillance when done properly. There are laws that dictate what can and cannot be done and providing your surveillance provider is aware of these you have nothing to worry about. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and ensure that the results you are expecting are feasible and achievable before beginning any investigation.
Surveillance will involve a private investigator or team of private investigators physically monitoring an asset, person or situation and recording their observations. If they are required to pursue the subject they will do so discreetly and continue their observations unnoticed.


You will receive a document we refer to as an intelligence report, this document will have a written log that shows a chronological list of all the observations that the team made along with what time they happened. There will be time and date stamped photographs to support these claims and high definition video footage wherever possible.
No, our primary objective is to be discreet. The techniques and equipment we use allow us to conduct our enquiries without alerting anybody to our presence. If we feel the risk of being compromised is too high we will stand down and assess whether we feel it is possible to continue. The only people who will be aware the surveillance is taking place will be the client and the investigators.