Benefits Of Using Covert Cameras In Private Investigations

Covert Cameras

It’s one thing to suspect that a partner is cheating. Likewise, to have a hunch that an insurance claim could be fraudulent. But how do you go about proving such suspicions, so that the correct action can be taken?

The answer lies in hiring a private investigator, whereby a range of methods including the use of covert cameras are used to gather evidence for personal and corporate investigations. 

Possessing the ability to capture HD footage, video stills or audio without detection, covert cameras often prove invaluable in a range of investigation types.

As a highly reliable method of gathering evidence, Reveal Private Investigators use covert cameras and listening devices as part of our investigative work across Birmingham. 

Here is what you need to know about the use of covert cameras, along with how our covert surveillance techniques generate excellent results for our clients. 

Why Do Private Investigators Use covert Cameras?

Picture any news story or court case. What often brings the details to life is being able to see video or hear audio clips of what occurred. That’s because footage or audio appeals to the human senses to generate more detail. In response we think, feel and react differently because we’re more informed. 

When undertaking private investigation work, being able to see what has taken place turns suspicions into provable events. The results not only reveal the persons involved and their actions, but with camera metadata we can also prove details such as the location and time. 

Evidence can also be shared with any applicable parties, with the ability to replay as well as store the footage, allowing the investigators to prove their claims beyond reasonable doubt. 

What all of this comes down to is creating tangible evidence, which the spoken word alone cannot always provide. Furthermore, some behaviours may never be uncovered without surveillance that can record and play back what has happened.

Sometimes the footage captured by covert cameras is enough to prove the behaviour or activity alone. In other cases, footage or audio is used to support a wider investigation. Though, in all cases, it can certainly be agreed that having video footage which shows what has taken place is always a major advantage in any investigation type.

What Types Of Investigations Can covert Cameras Assist With?

Various types of surveillance activity can benefit from the use of covert cameras. 

Across Birmingham, our covert cameras uncover infidelity, insurance fraud, employee deception, illegal subletting and much more. 

Another popular investigation type is mystery shopping, which involves our investigators working undercover in retail locations. Our team will assess everything from the level of customer service provided to identifying the sale of counterfeit goods depending on the assignment.

The beauty of covert cameras is that from the outside, our investigators will present as a regular customer. Therefore, the interactions with any employees or businesses will appear genuine, which may not be the case if the business knew they were being observed or investigated. This allows us to gather the evidence we need in the most authentic way possible, all while recording our interactions. 

Benefits For Investigations

Tangible proof – Asking someone outright whether they have committed a crime or action can easily result in a denial. Providing video or audio evidence supports a case to reveal undeniable details such as actions taken and the people involved. Such details can often be admissible in court leading to better outcomes for investigations. 

Discreet – The very nature of covert cameras is that they are designed to to avoid detection. This means they can be deployed in places where geographical constraints make it impossible for humans or vehicles to be positioned.

Excellent technology capabilities – Audio and image quality within covert camera devices is constantly improving. This makes any surveillance evidence even more valuable as our equipment and software continue to be upgraded. Some covert cameras can even be used to relay a live image to a surveillance team allowing them to maintain observations some distance from the subject.

When Would Cameras For Private Investigators Be Needed? 

In short, our private investigators would use covert cameras whenever a certain action needed to be proven on behalf of an individual or organisation. Often, this can include evidence for a legal court case. 

Our case studies can also demonstrate our surveillance work including the use of covert cameras in action. 

In one investigation, we were tasked with looking into an injury claim at a workplace, whereby fraudulent claims about the injury were suspected. 

On the first day of our investigation, we observed the employee in question visiting a well-known hardware shop, lifting heavy goods and partaking in other strenuous activities with ease. However, had the injury been genuine this wouldn’t have been possible.

We were able to present our evidence as part of a report, and the claim against the employer was dismissed. This saved the employer thousands of pounds along with much hassle and stress. Without video evidence observing the employee the outcome could have been very different.

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Reveal PI – Private Investigators Birmingham

Are you in need of evidence to support a personal or corporate investigation type?

Reveal PI is a private detective agency in Birmingham. Our investigators conduct covert surveillance operations using covert cameras, so that invaluable evidence can be gathered to aid investigations.

If you’re struggling to prove any kind of undesirable or illegal action is taking place, then our covert camera surveillance services could just be the missing link.

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