How Do Private Investigators Help HR Professionals In Walsall?

How Do Private Investigators Help HR Professionals In Walsall?

Employee theft in the UK has risen by 19% in the last year, amounting to 6,000 reported incidents.

While that statistic may seem shocking, theft represents the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the types of workplace conduct which can pose financial, operational or reputational threats to a business.

Private investigators play a crucial role in assisting HR professionals, as they bring a set of specialised skills and resources that can address various HR-related challenges.

Alongside employee investigations, private investigators can also obtain evidence required for pre-employment screening to ensure integrity within the hiring process. This makes their services invaluable by providing additional resources to HR teams wherever they may be needed.

To explain further, here is an overview of how Reveal Private Investigators provide investigative services to HR departments across the Walsall area. 

HR-Related Private Investigation Types 

Our private investigator services span covert surveillance, lie detector tests and other forms of evidence gathering.

Such services can be required in an HR capacity for investigations such as: 

  • Background checks 
  • Due diligence for mergers or acquisitions  
  • Exaggerated personal injury claims
  • False injury claim at work
  • False injury claim car accident
  • Injury claims
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Theft of goods 
  • Theft of intellectual property 
  • Workplace accident claim
  • Workplace claim
  • Workplace injury claim
  • Workplace safety investigations 
  • Whistleblower or anonymous complaints 

The easiest way to summarise how HR professionals and private detectives work together, is that investigations can span pre-employment background checks through to investigating the actions of current employees.

Furthermore, in instances such as the theft of intellectual property, it may also be necessary to investigate former employers.

Don’t see the investigation type you’re in search of listed above? Please contact us to discuss your HR investigation requirements. 

Obtaining Evidence Outside Of The Workplace

Private investigators are skilled at collecting evidence and information beyond the confines of the workplace. 

Whether it’s uncovering fraud, validating a workplace injury claim, or investigating allegations of misconduct, our investigators have the ability to gather information from various sources. This includes through surveillance, interviews, and online research. 

In cases of suspected employee misconduct, private investigators can discreetly follow individuals to identify patterns of behaviour that may be detrimental to the company. An outside perspective is often crucial to ensuring that employees adhere to company policies and that HR professionals have the evidence they need to address violations appropriately.

Our wide-ranging approach to evidence collection enables HR professionals to make informed decisions, maintain workplace security and to protect their organisation’s interests.

Verifying Claims That HR May Be Dubious Of

HR professionals often need to assess the credibility of claims and allegations made by employees. Whether it’s accusations of harassment, discrimination or unethical behaviour, HR departments must ensure a fair and thorough investigation. Private investigators can play a vital role in validating such claims. 

By conducting interviews, collecting evidence, and verifying the accuracy of statements, our corporate investigators help HR professionals make objective determinations.

For instance, in cases of harassment, an independent investigator can uncover the truth behind the allegations, ensuring that the workplace remains free of discrimination and misconduct.

Vetting Employees With Pre-Employment Screening

One of the critical roles of HR professionals is to ensure that new hires are trustworthy, reliable and suitable for their position. Reveal PI can assist in this process by conducting comprehensive pre-employment screening.

A private detective can delve into an applicant’s background, verifying the accuracy of their resume. This helps HR professionals make informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates. 

Reveal PI – Private Investigator Walsall For HR Investigations

Reveal PI are a team of local private investigators based in Walsall, West Midlands.

Our private investigations work across the wider Walsall area including Alumwell, Beechdale, Bentley, Bescot, Birchills, Blakenall Heath, Butts, Caldmore, Chuckery, Coalpool, The Delves, Fullbrook, Forest Estate, Goscote, Great Barr, Harden, Highgate, Leamore, North Walsall, Palfrey, Park Hall, Pheasey, Pleck, Reedswood, Rushall, Ryecroft, Shelfield and Tamebridge.
For any companies or organisations in search of assistance with an HR investigation, our team is only a call or a click away.

Please give our Walsall office a call on 0121 663 0251 or email us at to begin your investigation.

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