Why does your HR department need a Private Detective?

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You might assume that private detective agency services are primarily geared towards handling personal matters. In reality there is significant demand for corporate private investigator solutions in the commercial sector.

From dealing with internal disputes to protecting and repairing the reputation of an organisation after a public scandal, corporate private detectives can provide a range of benefits. So what makes them especially effective in an HR context?

Crisis Management & Mitigation

Every employee has the right to raise concerns or report misdemeanors they encounter in the workplace. When the HR department is called upon to get involved in a dispute, deal with allegations made against individuals and mediate in discussions of a sensitive nature, establishing the facts in an unambiguous way is essential.

There are many different types of disputes that might arise within a business. Employee may claim for compensation in the event of an injury they suffer in the line of duty, in which case a thorough assessment is clearly vital.

On the other side of the spectrum, those in managerial positions may suspect that people in their team have been stealing from the organisation, conducting fraudulent activities on-site or taking time off without the correct authorisation or explanation.

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It is the responsibility of the HR department to both look after the interests of employees, as well as protecting the organisation they represent where relevant. Managing whatever crises arise over time is undeniably challenging, especially if the HR team is small and has access to limited resources when faced with an issue of a particularly significant scale.

In every conceivable workplace dispute scenario, a private detective agency will be a boon for HR managers. From nipping issues in the bud before they blossom into something much worse, to helping limit the fallout in the aftermath of a serious incident, there are a multitude of benefits that a corporate private investigator can bring to the table.

Appreciating Repercussions

At this point it should be clear that with the help of professional corporate private detectives, any major firm can navigate tricky situations with greater ease. So why is this something that even matters in the modern age?

For one thing, reputation is everything in the world of business and no brand is so large and well established that it is immune to being tarnished in the wake of a highly publicised dilemma.

At best, a company will be knocked back and take years to recover the trust of its current and prospective clients and customers. At worst it will have its financial foundations eroded as share prices tumble and it is unable to sustain itself, leaving to bankruptcy and ultimate oblivion.

With this in mind, it makes sense to take seriously even the smallest and seemingly least significant HR issues and disputes which emerge. If they are ignored, mismanaged or allowed to fester unresolved to a satisfactory level, they could erupt in the future and invite far more chaos than would have been caused if they were dealt with sooner.

A damaged reputation can cost a business big, both in terms of share prices plunges and future sales prospects. However, there are other repercussions to consider which are relevant in terms of hiring a private detective agency.

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Chiefly, any dispute which is brought to the attention of the HR department invariably requires that a lot of time and effort is dedicated to dealing with it. In the event that managers are already stretched thin, this can cause a lot of stress and also have a negative impact on productivity.

Outsourcing aspects of the investigation to a corporate private investigator can unburden managers of certain tasks, while also catalysing the resolution of disputes which might otherwise play out over a protracted period and be a serious thorn in the side of the entire organisation.

Essentially if a corporation values its reputation as well as the time of its employees, it makes sense to seek the assistance of investigators whenever the scope of an issue dictates it. Workplace disputes can cost tens of billions and monopolise the attention of decision-makers at every level of an organisation. As it is possible to minimise this, it would be churlish to overlook investigator services.

The chief role of an investigator in a dispute will be to gather evidence and supply relevant intelligence to HR managers so that they are armed with what they need to make the right decisions. They can also be deployed to pre-empt problems, rather than simply to respond to them. For example, thorough background checks of potential new hires are clearly key to keeping companies free from disruptive, malicious internal elements.

Of course working with a private detective agency should be just one prong of a wider strategy that an organisation puts in place to manage its reputation and streamline its HR operations. This is partly because the work of investigators in not just something that should be exploited internally; it holds relevance in a public-facing context, yet is not something that a detective agency itself will be able to present.

Perks Of PI Agencies During Disputes

The HR department is not the only aspect of an organisation that will be able to glean first-hand benefits from working with corporate private detectives; there are also positive outcomes to be achieved through working with an entire PI agency as part of a damage limitation strategy.

If a dispute is serious enough to gain media attention, it may also roll on and on for a long time and leave a brand open to excessive scrutiny and criticism. Left unchecked, this could chip away at a hard-earned reputation and leave external forces in control of the narrative.

PI agencies are perfectly positioned to swoop in and salvage a brand before it is squeaky clean image is completely dismantled by such employee dispute disasters. With the aid of evidence gathered by a corporate private investigator, it will be easy to run counter measures and make sure that the full story is shared with the wider world. Dispelling misconceptions, half-truths and outright falsehoods will be crucial to protecting the brand.

Of course this can also be important outside of employee disputes, since brands may also be compromised through the actions of third parties. Whether as a result of corporate espionage or the counterfeiting of goods associated solely with a specific corporation, having a PI agency on hand to serve a firm and extinguish any bad publicity fires which might threaten its structural integrity is certainly sensible.

PI pros can act as a buffer between a brand and various forces, whatever form they take. They can not only wrangle the media circus which may roll into town as a dispute bubbles away but will also engage with other agents. This might include lawyers, regulators, politicians and a plethora of other people in the peripheries of an event.

Additional PI Agency Advantages

Establishing a relationship with an external PI agency to assist your corporation is not just worthwhile when it comes to dealing with disputes; it should also supply a surfeit of subsequent benefits that will manifest themselves in various settings.

Perhaps the most important reason to work with a PI agency, as with a corporate private investigator, is the objectivity that this can bring to bear on internal issues. While HR managers are supposed to be objective, it can still be tricky to achieve the desired level of detachment when you are wrapped up in the culture of a particular organisation. A fresh set of eyes from outside a firm can be just what you need to see where you are going wrong and sidestep potential obstacles that had yet to be identified.

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The distance which comes with being a PI professional working for a distinct agency rather than within a corporate infrastructure is also valuable from an emotional standpoint. Where a person directly employed by a company might be too invested in a given case and find it hard to speak impassively about the issue at hand, a PI representative will be less attached and thus less prone to problematic outbursts if put under pressure.

Securing the services of a seasoned corporate investigations pro will also allow you to tap into their invaluable expertise and make up for any shortfall in a specialist experience that you have in-house. No matter how diverse the team of permanent employees you build up might be, there is always room for the input of others who might previously have dealt with whatever hurdles you need to vault over.

While no business operates in a vacuum, it can be possible for an organisation to become very inward-looking and perhaps shed the desire to maintain contacts and external connections as it finds success in a given industry. If the rug is then pulled from under it after a dispute or any other calamity, it may not have access to this support network.

A PI agency can be the lifeline that a business needs to stay afloat in the most turbulent of conditions. It can put a brand in touch with other experts who might not otherwise have been immediately amenable to involvement without any form of a pre-existing relationship.

In short, a holistic strategy for corporate success should factor in the potency of a private detective agency and PI experts. It is all very well to project impressive growth but unless you also take precautions to protect your brand in the face of an HR dispute or another scandal, such ambition and enthusiasm might be for nothing.

Let’s Summarise

In any large organisation, the temptation may be to try and be as self-reliant as possible. This can mean many things, up to and including an unwillingness to look elsewhere for assistance when taking on divisive issues that are bound to crop up at some point.

The HR department can bear the brunt of any employee dispute that goes bad, while also being first in line for taking the blame if things are not resolved swiftly. It is not enough to take on each case as it emerges, as this can become overwhelming and lead to a lack of effectiveness. Knowing your limits and learning when to work with other agencies that specialize in certain relevant skills is half the battle.

For preventing disputes in the first place, protecting a brand when it is threatened and providing the ammunition you need to battle false claims circulating in the public sphere, a private detective agency has a lot to offer. Experienced corporate private detectives will have encountered any number of the issues you are facing before and will not be paralyzed by the weight of the responsibility they face, but will be able to take action and make the journey towards a positive resolution far less fraught with perils.

The services of a corporate private investigator can extend well beyond employee disputes, encompassing everything from debtor tracing and background checks to anti-espionage tactics, vehicle tracking, and fraud investigation. Knowing that an expert is on hand to bring their skills to bear on a given issue can be precisely the peace of mind that an HR department needs to plan effectively for the future.

PI agencies are equally empowering in this sense, supplying corporations with services that are essential to surviving and thriving after any disputes. In particular, the appropriate deployment of private investigation techniques can soothe the snarl-ups associated with ongoing disputes which cannot be resolved quickly, for whatever reason. And with private investigations, it pays to be proactive rather than passive when your brand’s reputation is in the firing line.

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