Why Use Private Investigation Services for Fraud Claims

investigating employee fraud

Research conducted by the ABI shows that, in 2013 alone, insurance fraud costs companies an estimated £1.3billion. That’s an extortionate £3.5million every day. What is more shocking is that undetected fraudulent activities that year were estimated at a further £2.1billion. These figures only account for insurance claim fraud and not personal injury or benefits fraud.

These figures are particularly worrying when you consider that many average people fall victim to false claims; making it increasingly difficult for honest individuals to secure insurance coverage. Some companies only accept the most reliable case studies, leaving regular customers out in the rain with no home or car insurance. This led to more people turning to private investigation services to help in fraud prevention. Private investigator services may include conducting surveillance on the claimant to establish their activity prior to settling a claim.

Private investigator services may carry out surveillance on the claimant to establish their activity prior to making a claim.

A car insurance fraud investigation is one of the most reliable cases for investigating a suspicious insurance claim, financial crimes, or any person suspected to commit fraudulent activity. They search for evidence of wrongdoing, liaise with insurance companies and can inform law enforcement agencies where necessary.

Our insurance fraud investigators have covered cases of all shapes and sizes. While financial fraud is the most common, we have also seen a huge rise in personal injury fraud, online fraud and benefit fraud in recent years. The evidence we prepared was used as the deciding factor in criminal convictions.

Our insurance investigators have stood alongside our clients as witnesses to ensure the evidence we provide cannot be disputed.

Personal Accident Claims

Personal accident claims are the legal process of claiming damages from another party for injury or death sustained in an accident. An individual can make personal accident claims if they sustain injury or death as a result of someone else’s negligence, fraud, or malice. Insurance fraud investigations are conducted if a claim is suspected of being false or exaggerated.

Injury at Work Claims

Injury at work claims occurs when somebody gets injured while working. The two most common injuries are musculoskeletal disorders and psychological issues. Insurance fraud investigations are required if a claim is suspicious and stop fraudulent activity in its tracks.

Slip, Trip & Fall Claims

A slip, trip and fall is an injury that occurs when a person slips, trips, and/or falls over an object lying on the floor. It can also happen when someone steps into the water, like a puddle. The cause for this type of accident or incident may be due to negligence or oversight by another individual or group of people. Insurance fraud investigations are needed if a claimant or a group of claimants have submitted a claim that appears to be fraudulent and exaggerated.

Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud is the act of falsely claiming benefits (welfare income) you are not entitled to or making false statements in order to receive more money than you are entitled to. If a discrepancy occurs between income reported and the number of benefits being paid, corporate fraud investigations are needed. The aim is to investigate whether a person is committing benefit fraud, not to recover any money owed.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is when an individual or group attempts to deceive an insurance company for financial gain. Insurance fraud has many different forms, such as exaggeration of injuries, staging accidents, submitting false medical claims and making a fraudulent loss of earnings claims.

Financial Fraud

Financial fraud, also known as investment fraud or financial misrepresentation is a deception that induces an individual or group to provide money for a non-existent entity. To prevent fraud, our investigators are hired to build a case. They will research, analyse and investigate all aspects of the fraudulent activities before taking any legal action.

Although fraud investigations are rarely straightforward, we utilise the full spectrum of our investigation services and a global network of investigators to obtain the truth. We prepare the evidence that will demonstrate the facts under any level of scrutiny and is admissible in court.

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