Corporate Watchdog: Waking Up To The Cybercrime Threat

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The digital universe isn’t always plain sailing. As many as 5.8 million cases of cyber-crime were reported in Great Britain from 2015-16, with police figures showing that 1 in 10 of us have been a victim of fraud, theft and digital subterfuge. This is now a problem that’s more common than actual, physical crime, and it can occur through any avenue.

That includes the workplace – how much can you trust your staff or competitors from keeping their hands out of the digital cookie jar? Reveal PI is serious about protecting you from cyber-crime, and here’s why…

Advanced Hacking Threats

First, let’s consider the substantial (and widely elusive) danger presented by hackers.
If your network is breached it may be more than just yourself at risk, you could also be putting your clients and your clients data at risk.

Often they are very hard to detect unless you’re an expert. Hackers make their living from the misery of a misinterpreted file: something you might get via email, proclaiming to be a valid link or media download. When initiated, they’ll spread to every tendril of your network, stealing data and, in some cases, holding it to ransom.

Unless you have a dedicated security team, or the backing of an IT support unit, you’re wide open to intrusion from afar. This doesn’t just extend to you, either – employees can unwittingly represent a weak link in your chain, simply because they haven’t been educated on what a virus can disguise itself as.

Internal Espionage

Hacking offences can cost your company thousands (or millions in severe cases) in lost revenue or ransom fees. However, a knottier threat resides in any corporate structure: that of the rogue employee stealing information, funds or stock for their own gain.

They could be doing the bidding of a competitor or, instead, it could be an independent crime, letting them shave a little extra off transactions that pass through their jurisdiction. It is still theft, of course, but the digital nature of their offence makes it all seem tertiary, like it doesn’t matter. Numbers on a screen seem far less consequential than taking cash from your pocket…

Information is the greatest currency we have, and it’s at risk of vanishing through any loophole in your cyber protocols. If people can exploit a flaw in the system, using their covert digital knowledge, then it’s very tempting to break the law. It’s also exceedingly tough to identify the culprit if you have dozens or hundreds of staff to manage.

That’s where Reveal PI can offer a real, no-nonsense solution. Our private investigators will find out what’s gone wrong, build a viable cachet of evidence, and see who’s at fault within your team. Internal cyber-crime is very hard to unravel unless you have a team of experienced detectives at your side. Contact us to find out more, and tell us what your suspicions are. It’s better to be safe than sorry when we can’t switch off…

Ever considered hiring a private investigator in the UK? Call Reveal PI Today at 0330 808 9344 or visit 11 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, West Midlands B3 1RB.

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