How To Locate A Person In Manchester UK

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Are you struggling to find someone in or around the Manchester area? 

There can be lots of reasons why you might need to locate a person. Often the reason is due to unpaid debts or similar legal issues. However, there can also be personal reasons, the most serious of which is trying to locate a missing person. 

Whatever the reason for your person search in Manchester, learn from the North West’s leading private investigators here at Reveal PI on where to start your search with our following top tips. 

Or if you’re ready to give our investigators a call in Manchester UK dial 0161 883 2848 to speak to a member of our team. 

Why Might You Be Trying To Find Someone In Manchester?

  • Safety concerns about a loved one
  • Lost touch with a friend or family member
  • Tracing beneficiaries
  • Tracing debtors 
  • For process serving documents
  • The individual is required in court
  • Any other kind of legal matter

Search Online (Search Engines & Social Media Accounts)

Starting with general search methods, modern technology now provides a lot of clues which can be one of the easiest methods of finding someone in Manchester. 

Use search engines like Google or Bing to gather information. Type the person’s name and location into one of these search engines. It might be worth trying variations of their name, such as nicknames or their middle name, in case they go by a different name.

How this may look typed into Google: Brian Jones Manchester UK

You may learn about a person’s whereabouts, employment, and other important characteristics by using search engines to find information. Keep in mind that the information you get online isn’t always reliable, so double-check anything you find.

While looking for someone online, public records databases might also be useful. Examine digital resources such as the UK Electoral Roll and*

You can also try searching for the person on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

*Please note that the accuracy of information obtained from search may be affected by factors such as outdated or duplicated records, particularly in cases where names are similar. Please verify the accuracy of such information before using it for legal purposes or disclosing it to third parties such as bailiffs.

Contact Authorities (In Cases Of Safety Concerns) 

If you suspect the person you’re looking for is in danger or has gone missing, you can call the police and submit a missing person report. Prepare to offer as much information on the individual as possible, including their name, age, physical description, and any other pertinent characteristics.

If the person you’re looking for in Manchester is a foreign national, their embassy or consulate in the UK may be able to help. If you contact the embassy and explain your circumstances, they may be able to offer advice or link you with resources.

Depending on the circumstances, different authorities may be able to help you. For example, if the person you’re looking for in Manchester is a minor, you may be able to get assistance from child protective services.

Hire A Private Investigator (Personal Or Legal Person Tracing Reasons) 

If you’re struggling to find someone with the methods you’ve tried so far, another option is to hire a local private investigator in Manchester UK here at Reveal PI. 

We operate across the UK including in Greater Manchester. Our Manchester-based investigators will work hard to understand all the important details of your investigation. Our service is transparent, regulated and professional at every turn. 

In terms of cost, we offer a very competitive service. We think that everyone should be able to afford expert detective services, meaning price shouldn’t be a barrier to your search. 

Our success rate is extraordinarily high due to our rigorous procedures and attention to detail. We always do our best to ensure a favourable outcome in all situations we take on. 

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Top Tip: Information You May Need For Person Tracing In Manchester

  • Full names (including variants or nicknames)
  • Date of birth
  • Current or previous addresses
  • Current or previous employers
  • Location of residence (i.e. Manchester)
  • Email addresses or social media handles
  • Social media images (for reverse image searching)

Reveal PI – Person Tracing In Manchester UK

We hope the above tips have pointed you in the right direction when it comes to locating a person in Manchester. 

As mentioned, if your search has been fruitless up to now then it may be worth hiring a private investigator. This is especially the case if the authorities have been unable to help, or if contacting the police does not suit the type of search you are undertaking. 

To find out more about our person tracing services in Manchester here at Reveal PI, please give us a call on 0161 883 2848, email us at or fill out our contact form

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