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A client contacted us regarding a noise complaint, they’d regularly hear dogs barking at night, this was of course frustrating and doubly so as she had recently given birth and the child was constantly being woken up by the noise. Our client was understandably stressed as the disturbance had gone on for some time, there were a number of anti-social tenants in the building and a number of dog owners so she didn’t want to go door to door complaining through fear it would make things worse. Our enquiry agent visited the block of flats one evening and began going door to door speaking with the neighbours to first of all establish was the issue something that anybody else was suffering with. The enquiry agent didn’t have to disclose the identity of our client and although not everybody wanted to speak to them it wasn’t long before neighbours started to open up and confirm that there was a dog barking most evenings and sometimes it could go on for hours. The neighbours who were affected were more than willing to provide statements and through process of elimination we were able to identify which flat the noise appeared to be coming from. We spoke with the owner who unsurprisingly said it had nothing to do with his dog and refused to speak to our agent. Knowing that the owner wasn’t going to co-operate and our evidence all pointed towards him we made a visit around midnight and from the communal space in the hall took some audio samples. Although it wasn’t constant it was intermittent and incredibly noisy when the dog was barking, as the dog sounded distressed we knocked on the door in hope of speaking to the owner. Surprisingly there was no answer from the door although at this point the dog was barking continuously and right at the door. The enquiry agent shouted through the letterbox and still there was no answer, it became quite apparent the man was not home. Concerned about the dogs wellbeing they went to a local shop and bought some dry dog food which was fed through the letterbox, we also stuck a note on the outside of the door asking the man to contact us. The following the day we received a call from the man, he was more abusive than the the previous encounter and after shouting abuse that we had fed his dog he let out that he worked 12-hour night shifts. After trying to reason with the man we had no choice other than to report our findings to the RSPCA. We also took our evidence to the client who lodged a noise complaint and with 7 different residents all confirming they frequently were kept awake by the nuisance dog the council took action and the man gave the pet to a family member.  

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