Person Tracing

We were contacted by a man who wanted to discuss a divorce with his estranged wife, as with many of our clients he was unsure of how he would be able to file for divorce following a large period of separation coupled with having no contact. Our client and his wife had been separated for a number of years but were still married and after a couple of years he and his new muse decided they wanted to get married, but of course their desires were hampered by the previous marriage our client found difficult to remove himself from.

An issue that he had in the early years of separation was that  his wife was not born in the UK and was concerned that if she got divorced she may lose her right to live here, so at the thought of divorce she became evasive and eventually cut all contact. When he attempted to contact his wife she had changed her number, moved address and changed her job which left him chasing shadows and unsure about what to do next.

Without an address to serve divorce paperwork the process could take years, this is a common occurrence and one that we wasted no time in beginning to rectify. As the client knew his old partners full name, date of birth and previous address history we were able to offer him a ‘No Win, No Fee Trace’. Within a short period of time our agents discovered a new address which our clients wife had resided for the previous 2 years. This new location was quite a distance away from our client and explained why their paths hadn’t crossed for such a long time, with these new details we were able to get the ball rolling with the next stage of the divorce.

After speaking to our clients solicitors and securely obtaining the paperwork our client needed to get to his wife, a member of our process serving team was able to make contact at the wife’s new home with all the documents in tow. As the clients old partner answered the door, she was more than happy to talk to the member of our team and accepted all the documents, following a brief and concise explanation from our team member regarding what the paperwork means she was able to make the right informed decision and our client was able to proceed with the divorce.

In little over a week our client had gone from being in the dark, to beginning the journey to a new life with his new partner. The divorce went through seamlessly and such a long period of separation had allowed any old wounds to be healed making for a very amicable break up. Our client is now happily married and looking at the next stage of their life together.

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