Fraud Investigations

A picture says a thousand words, our surveillance services provide answers to your questions in the form of solid photographic and video evidence. Whether a private client, solicitor or business there is little more conclusive than video evidence.

Careful Research

Research conducted by the ABI estimates that in 2013 alone £1.3b of insurance fraud was detected, that works out to an extortionate £3.5m each day. These figures are shocking but it is more worrying to know that an estimated further £2.1b went undetected. These figures only account for insurance fraud and not personal injury or benefit fraud. Our investigators have covered Fraud cases of all shapes and sizes, although financial fraud is common we have seen a huge rise in personal injury fraud, online fraud and benefit fraud in recent years. The evidence we have prepared has been used as the deciding factor in criminal convictions and our team have stood alongside our clients as witnesses to ensure the evidence we provide cannot be disputed.


Although fraud investigations are rarely straightforward we utilise the full spectrum of our investigatory services and global network of investigators to obtain the truth and prepare evidence that will demonstrate that under any level of scrutiny.
  • Personal Accident Claims
  • Injury at Work Claims
  • Slip, Trip & Fall Claims
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Financial Fraud

Case Studies

Not sure about our services? Read examples of how our surveillance service has helped our customers.

The Global Client

A polish company came to us after they discovered that they had been defrauded by a company they believed to be an international retailer with a huge UK presence. The company was contacted by an individual posing to be a buyer for this large retailer, they arranged a trade agreement and received an order of around £50,000. Days before the delivery was due to occur the buyer asked if they could use an alternative delivery address as there primary storage was full of promotional stock. The delivery seemed to go well and within a month they placed another order of a similar size, it wasn’t until they tried to chase the initial invoice that they realised the email address they had been liaising with was very similar to but not identical to the domain of the retailer they thought they had been dealing with. When they contacted the actual retailer they confirmed that it was no association of theirs and the company realised they had been scammed, we conducted an investigation and were able to prove that the delivery company was liable. The firm were able to recoup the funds from the delivery companies insurance policy. Read the full case at: The Global Client

Benefit Fraud

A local council received an anonymous tip that one of their neighbours was committing benefit fraud by exaggerating the extent of their injuries. Our surveillance team monitored the individual who was alleged to be completely paralysed from the waist down for a number of days and pursued the individual to a nearby town where as if by miracle he regained use of his legs. Our footage showed the individual walking 50 metres unassisted; the team involved in obtaining the evidence stood as witnesses in court, supported the claims they had made and their evidence was used to secure a criminal prosecution. Read the full case: Benefit Fraud