Who Is My Birth Mother?

person tracing family

We were contacted by a woman in her late 20’s who had never met her birth mother as she was adopted at a young age, she knew she was adopted as her parents had told her but she had never considered looking for her. For a long time, she had sat on this information, unsure of whether she wanted to find her or make contact and of course how she would go about it. The young woman decided to call us at this stage in her life as she was expecting to be a mother herself and merely wanted the opportunity to talk to her birth mother to find out a little bit more about her past.

She had been able to do some research through asking her parents about how they went about adoption and what they knew, the people she knew to be her parents were more than happy to assist as they had previously told her to allow her the opportunity to establish the connection. Paper trails can be hard to maintain especially when following near 30 years of no contact and all our client had was a name. Finding a birth parent can be a tricky exercise as we don’t know why they put the child up for adoption in the first place and don’t know if they would want to have contact themselves.

We explained that if we located her, we would have to inform her that her daughter wanted to get in contact and gain her consent before we could disclose her details. The safety of everybody involved is paramount and we never want to impose any unwanted physical or mental stress on anybody. Our client was happy with the arrangement and so we began the process to locate her mother. Due to our client’s mother having a familiar name and us having very limited details the list of names and potentials was phenomenal, we began to refine the list and started the search to find the right woman. Further investigations allowed us to look into ages and locations that would line up with our clients age and crucially her place of birth in order to reduce the potential matches to only a handful of women.

Eventually through process of elimination we were able to locate the birth mother, along with a full address and a telephone number. One of our team members called the birth mother and after a detailed explanation for our reason to contact, our clients mother broke down into tears of joy, the adoption was something she long thought about and did not know herself how she could ever find the girl she put up all those years ago. She gave us her consent to pass on her details and a few weeks later, the pair could reunite again. Some months later, mother, daughter and now grand daughter all came to see us and thank us for the support we gave.

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