How A Private Investigator Can Help With Infidelity Cases In Birmingham

Matrimonial Investigations

Nobody enters a relationship expecting to be cheated on. 

Sadly, there is no guarantee that a spouse will remain faithful, even if they have taken vows promising otherwise. For the person who has been cheated on, it can be a highly distressing experience

When you suspect someone is cheating, the main difficulty is proving these suspicions to be true. That’s because as you might expect, asking someone outright if they are cheating on you will often result in a denial. 

As well as going to great lengths to hide their deceit, cheaters may even manipulate their partners into thinking they are ‘crazy’. This type of manipulation known as gaslighting can take many forms, such as denying that the cheating occurred, blaming the victim for their suspicions, or even staging fake scenarios to make the victim doubt their own memory or sanity. The goal of gaslighting is to make the victim feel like they cannot trust their own thoughts and feelings, which can lead to a sense of confusion, self-doubt, and even emotional trauma. 

These are just some of the reasons why tangible proof is required to determine once and for all if someone is cheating. Often the best way to get this proof is to hire a private detective. 

If you suspect your partner is cheating in or around the Birmingham area, then our private investigators may be able to help you. 

Private Investigators Birmingham

Reveal PI are Birmingham based private investigators. Alongside Birmingham itself, some of our most popular queries are for ‘private investigator Halesowen’ and ‘private investigator Bromsgrove’.

Wherever you are based across the wider West Midlands in the UK, Reveal PI are here to help. 

Our services span matrimonial investigations, infidelity investigations and much more. 

Why You Should Hire A Private Investigator In Birmingham To Prove Infidelity 

First and foremost, a private investigator brings a fresh pair of eyes to your suspicions. 

Acting in accordance with the law, we will only take on a case if there is a legitimate reason to investigate. This ensures that neither our team, nor you as the spouse, will fall foul of the law. In addition, we can help determine what may be legitimate excuses or changes in behaviour from actual deceit.  

Any evidence we do find will be admissible in court, which could be essential in future cases of divorce or the division of any shared assets, should you wish to go down that route at a later date.

Private investigators employ a range of tools to catch cheaters in the act. These methods are extremely sophisticated. So if you have been unable to prove someone is cheating up to now, hiring a professional investigator can give you the results you need. 

Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

  • Spending more time than usual on their phone and being unwilling to let you see their screen or tell you who they are talking to.
  • Suddenly joining a gym but returning without dirty gym clothes, and not showing results for their efforts even after several months.
  • Going out with a ‘friend of a friend’ and being unwilling to share details of who they are spending time with.
  • Working away all the time, especially excessively or more than they used to.
  • Acts aggressively or defensively when you ask questions about where they have been.
  • Seeing flirtatious messages left on social media or similar signs which your partner also interacts with. 

These signs are far from exhaustive, nor do they mean your partner is definitely cheating. 

As infidelity can be a complex issue to spot and prove, we’d recommend contacting us for a consultation if you have any concerns about your partner being unfaithful.  

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Private Investigations Birmingham – What Techniques Do Private Investigators Use To Catch Unfaithful Partners? 

Our matrimonial or infidelity investigations are based mostly on surveillance work that can involve techniques such as covert photography or GPS vehicle tracking. 

For instance, if your partner states they are working late, we can discreetly observe when they leave work to prove this. Or uncover if they are even at work when they say they are. 

Many examples of cheating often leave a digital trail. In cases where someone may have set up a dating profile as an example, they may leave a footprint that our team can pick up on to identify profiles under aliases or using false details.. With face recognition technology becoming ever more prevalent, it’s becoming more difficult for cheaters to hide.

We can also provide lie detector services where a spouse adamantly denies they are cheating, but their partner wants to make sure they are telling the truth. 

The exact techniques we will use to uncover cheating will vary on a case-by-case basis. We can discuss these with you when you contact us. 

Private Investigators Can Also Uncover Romance Fraud

While we tend to think of cheating in terms of a partner who lives with someone having an affair, cheating can actually take many forms.

With the rise of online dating in recent years, this has sadly opened up opportunities for what’s known as romance fraud. This can be when someone is conducting a relationship online but is already in a relationship in real life. Or, when someone is asking for money after befriending someone online with a view to scamming them. 

It’s worth knowing that as private investigators also investigate fraud, they may also be able to help with online dating fraud investigations

Action Fraud reports £92 million is lost due to romance fraud each year, with figures continually on the increase. 

Victims of romance fraud can sometimes feel embarrassed to want to take action. However, it is essential that the crime is not only reported, but investigated. Not only can this give you peace of mind, but it may also stop further fraud happening to someone else. 

Reveal PI – Hire Private Investigator Birmingham

Are you based in the Birmingham area and suspect your partner may be cheating?

Get the answers you need once and for all when you work with our private investigators here at Reveal PI.

View our infidelity investigations page to discover more about our services. 

Crucially, we will never reveal ourselves to your partner or anyone else, as part of our fully professional and legally compliant service. 

If you have any questions or are ready for us to start work, please fill out our contact form or give us a call on 0121 663 0251.

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