What A Private Investigator Can Do For You In Birmingham

What A Private Investigator Can Do For You In Birmingham

In search of private investigators in Birmingham?

Sometimes it’s not possible to gather the evidence you need to prove a court case, or even trace someone who owes you money. 

Whatever your case may involve, if there is a delay in being able to determine a fact or gather information, a Birmingham private investigator can help move your investigation along. 

Reveal PI has a team of private investigators working across the West Midlands area. Whether you need help with a personal or corporate investigation, we can give you the answers you need.

For those new to our services, here is an overview of the types of private investigations in Birmingham we undertake. 

Private Investigator Birmingham Services

The range of investigations we can carry out across Birmingham is vast. 

Some of our techniques can include surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking and person tracing. Though the exact services will depend on the type of investigation you need our help with. 

As accredited, insured and professional private investigators, we aim to give your case the best chance of a successful resolution. 

While we offer a wide range of personal and corporate investigative services, here is a snapshot of some of our most popular investigation types in Birmingham. 

View our Private Investigators Birmingham page to learn more. 

Insurance Fraud Investigation Birmingham 

Research has shown insurance fraud has skyrocketed 25% since the cost of living crisis. Insurance fraud is thought to cost the UK economy as much as £2 billion every year.

Insurance fraud can be difficult to detect, let alone prove and this is where the work of our insurance fraud investigator in Birmingham can be invaluable.

We work on behalf of insurers and private companies across the Birmingham area to prove fraudulent activity. There are numerous ways our insurance investigator can gather evidence which is admissible in court including through surveillance. 

The work of a fraud investigator goes beyond assisting the insurance company or private company. Given how much fraud costs the country (including those who require insurance and therefore pay ever-rising premiums), it is in everyone’s best interests to detect fraud and punish those responsible. 

Matrimonial Investigations Birmingham 

If you suspect your partner is cheating, asking them outright may not give you the answers you need. 

Instead, typing in ‘private detective Birmingham’ will send you our way. We can then use our expert investigation techniques to determine once and for all if you are being cheated on. 

Any kind of matrimonial investigation can yield heart-breaking results, since it is a highly personal and sensitive type of investigation. Our private investigators will handle your case with the utmost level of confidentiality and care for your peace of mind, we even offer after-care support for those struggling to deal with the results

It is not always the case that a spouse is cheating, in many cases the ideal outcome is providing the peace of mind that a partner isn’t cheating. That said, gut instinct combined with unusual behaviour can suggest infidelity. As we can employ a range of surveillance techniques, we can find out the truth once and for all. 

Employee Investigations Birmingham 

Own a Birmingham based business? 

If you suspect an employee is conducting themselves in a way which threatens your business such as stealing, working for someone else or lying about an injury – contact our Birmingham private investigators today. 

We can conduct various employee investigations including investigating unfair, wrongful and constructive dismissal claims to give you the answers you need to protect your business interests. 

As we operate within the confines of the law, using our services also ensures that as a business, you are not liable for investigating your employees without good reason, or outside of acceptable means. 

Our evidence will consider what is admissible in court, should you need to take further action against the individual. 

Process Serving Birmingham

A common misconception is that process serving is simply a case of delivering documents. 

However, when these documents contain potentially sensitive information or are involved in a legal process, the correct formalities must be followed. In addition, the documents must be delivered to the right individual, and evidence of the delivery should be properly recorded.

Our process servers work across the Birmingham area and the wider UK. We pride ourselves on offering a fully professional service so that documents are correctly handled and delivered. 

Mystery Shopping Birmingham 

Do you know what is really happening in your Birmingham retail store? 

From customer experience to theft, and even selling fake goods – there’s no end to what a mystery shopper in Birmingham can uncover when they are also a private detective. 

Whether you own retail premises or have suspicions about any crime taking place within a retail establishment, our private investigators can determine the answers for you, plus provide evidence of anything of interest that we witness. 

There are lots of benefits to using a private investigator for mystery shopping, even when it is simply to determine customer experience. That’s because we can operate covertly in a way which is more likely to gather genuine and reliable feedback for retailers. 

Reveal PI – Get Birmingham’s Leading Private Investigators On Your Side 

Are you based in the Birmingham area and in search of a private investigator? 

Get the answers you need once and for all when you work with our private investigators here at Reveal PI. 

We work with individuals and companies across the West Midlands on a range of investigation types. From fraud investigations in Birmingham to enquiry agent services, our investigations are here to help. 
If you have any questions or are ready for us to start work, please fill out our contact form or give us a call on 0330 808 9946.

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