5 Tips on How to Instruct an Affordable Process Server

Affordable Process Server

When navigating legal proceedings, managing costs is a critical concern, particularly when it comes to the challenge of trying to find an affordable process server. Process servers play a pivotal role in ensuring that legal documents are delivered correctly and promptly, but the costs associated with these services can quickly add up. This article provides you with five practical tips to help you find and instruct an affordable process server without compromising on quality. By following these guidelines, you can maintain control over your legal expenses while ensuring that your documents are served efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re looking to save money by clarifying fees in advance or seeking the assistance of a legal aid process server, these strategies will help you make informed decisions that align with your budgetary needs.

Our Top Tips for Hiring an Affordable Process Server

1. Provide as Much Information as You Can

To help the process server locate and serve the respondent quickly, provide as much information as possible. Key details such as a photograph or description of the respondent, any known working routines, known vehicles, and contact details can significantly increase the chances of successful service. By offering comprehensive information, you help the process server perform their duties efficiently, turning what could be a complex task into a more straightforward one. This strategy not only aids in serving the papers faster but also helps maintain the affordability of the service by avoiding multiple attempts and additional charges.

2. Clarify Fees in Advance: A Cheap Process Server May Not Be The Cheapest Option

Understanding the fee structure in advance is crucial. Some affordable process servers offer fixed fees, but this is not always possible. Get an estimate that includes potential mileage and printing costs, as these can significantly increase the overall cost of service. By clarifying fees upfront, you can better budget for the service and avoid unexpected expenses. This is especially important if you are seeking a cheap process server as the initial low cost fee may only include 1 visit and could potentially incur further costs. Knowing all potential costs beforehand helps you select the most cost-effective option, ensuring the service remains within your budget constraints.

3. Use a Company with a Local Presence: Low-Cost Process Servers Are Usually Local

Choosing a company with local process servers or agents can save you money on travel costs and travel time. A local process server is familiar with the area and can respond more quickly, reducing both costs and time required for the service. This approach not only eliminates unnecessary travel expenses but also reduces the risk that work will end up being contracted and potentially sub-contracted to other firms. By utilising local resources, you enhance efficiency and ensure a prompt service, making the overall process more economical.

4. Request Varying Visit Times: Be Specific Even With A Budget Friendly Process Server

To maximise the chances of successful service within the initial three visits, request that the process server vary the times or days of their visits. Process servers typically provide up to three visits for their fee, and additional visits will incur extra charges. By varying visit times, you increase the likelihood of catching the respondent at home, thereby avoiding additional fees. This strategy ensures you make the most out of the initial service fee without incurring extra costs, but it is also more efficient as it provides a higher chance of effecting personal service.

5. Seek the Help of a Legal Aid Process Server

If you qualify for legal aid, seek the assistance of a legal aid process server. Some firms offer reduced rates to those receiving legal aid, following fixed hourly rates and mileage allowances as per legal aid rate guidance. Legal aid process servers provide a valuable service to those who may struggle with legal costs, ensuring access to necessary legal support without financial strain. This option is particularly beneficial for individuals needing affordable legal services, offering a way to maintain legal compliance without exceeding budget limitations.

How Much Does Process Serving Cost?

The cost of process serving can vary based on several factors. These include the location of the address, the type of documents being served, the urgency of the service, whether the respondent is likely to be evasive, the amount of printing required, and the travel distance involved. While an affordable process server might offer rates starting as low as £90+VAT, this typically reflects a long-standing relationship between the legal firm and the process server, often due to the volume of work provided. On average, you can expect to pay between £110+VAT and £150+VAT for standard services, with prices for urgent serves being significantly higher.

What’s the Difference Between a Private Investigator and a Process Server?

While both private investigators and process servers can play crucial roles in legal proceedings, their skill sets and primary functions differ significantly. Private investigators often offer process serving as part of their services, but their expertise extends far beyond this. Private detectives are trained in various investigative techniques, including covert surveillance, background checks, and other specialised investigative tasks. This range of skills makes them suitable for complex cases where respondents may be evasive or shielded by friends or family.

In situations where traditional process serving methods fail, such as when respondents are being evasive, it may be necessary to employ alternative strategies like covert surveillance. Private investigators can conduct covert surveillance to catch respondents as they enter or leave their properties, which can be more effective and faster than repeatedly visiting an address and being told the respondent is not home. Although this method may seem more expensive initially, it can ultimately save time and money by ensuring successful service on the first attempt.

Covert vs. Overt Process Serving

Process serving traditionally involves an overt approach, where the process server directly interacts with the respondent, clearly identifying themselves and the purpose of their visit. This straightforward method is usually effective and complies with legal requirements for serving documents.

However, a covert approach can sometimes be necessary, particularly when respondents are evasive. In popular culture, such as American films, process servers are often glamorised using disguises and elaborate stories to get someone to confirm their identity before surprising them with legal papers. While this makes for entertaining cinema, it reflects a real but less common practice.

In the U.K. the covert approach is less common. This approach involves the process server adopting tactics similar to those of private investigators, such as surveillance and subtle observation, to serve documents without the respondent’s immediate awareness. Covert methods can be more effective in challenging cases and, while they may initially seem more expensive, they can actually be more cost-efficient by reducing the number of failed service attempts.

If you’re still considering serving the papers yourself or trying to work out whether a first class stamp will do the trick, take a look at our other article that provides guidance on When you should instruct a process server. By following these simple steps you can ensure that legal documents are served effectively, maintaining compliance with legal standards while also managing costs efficiently. This flexibility in approach is crucial for handling difficult cases and ensuring that all legal processes are completed promptly and accurately.

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