I Fell in Love Online

Is My Husband Cheating

We were contacted by the family of a wealthy woman as they were concerned she had been duped by an online scammer, we spoke to them and eventually they managed to convince the woman to come and meet with us face to face. We deal with cases of this nature on a daily basis so there are key indicators we know to look out for and after some time speaking with her we were positive that the woman had been scammed. The woman herself was a very well educated professional and accepting the fact that somebody has manipulated through a website or online chat was a difficult truth to hear. The man had taken on a false identity and through a series of lucrative lies, convinced her that he was a multi-millionaire but his were tied up in property and oil deals that were yet to come to fruition. We analysed the photographs and documents he had sent over the course of their relationship and were able to identify where details had been changed and they had been edited. On this particular occasion the funds were not recovered however we were able to prevent the woman from incurring further loss and make her aware that that the man she thought she was in love with was actually only interested in her money.

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