Is My Husband Cheating?

Is My Husband Cheating?

We received a phone call from a distraught woman who strongly suspected her husband was cheating, understanding it was a difficult issue to discuss we arranged a private meeting room at our office and invited her to speak with somebody personally. When she arrived she explained that he had always worked long hours but recently it had become more frequent and the excuses he gave were getting more and more flimsy, he claimed he was being forced to work overtime but his earnings never seemed to change.

With the knowledge that his job was office-based and that his obscure behaviour centred around working long hours, we made a plan to conduct covert surveillance at his place of work and establish whether there was any truth to his story. The following Monday we sent an operative to his work address a couple of hours before the working day would finish, this was to ensure that if he was using flexi-time or making excuses to leave early we would not miss him.


Around 5PM large numbers of staff left the building and the car park began to empty out, by 6PM the lights in most of the visible offices were turned off and the car park was almost entirely empty but our subject had still not been seen and his vehicle still remained unmoved. A couple of hours later a taxi arrived in the side road next to the office and our subject alighted before making his way back to his own vehicle and heading home. When he returned home he gave his wife the usual story of working overtime.


We decided that the next day a team of two operatives would visit the property and they would start a little earlier, with the additional team member we were able to cover the entire building rather than just the main two entrances. Just prior to 5PM a small fire door leading onto an adjoining road popped open and our subject quickly scurried out on foot and away. One member of the team followed him on foot where they observed him jumping into a taxi, luckily with the second team member still in a vehicle they were able to follow the taxi to an unknown address 15 minutes away from the office.


The team obtained footage of him entering the unknown address and supplied the information back to the office we were able to ascertain that the property belonged to a known ex-partner of the subject. The subject remained inside for around two hours before leaving the property and returning to the office in a taxi. He jumped back into his vehicle and travelled home armed with one of his usual excuses.


The following day we shared our footage and reports with his wife, understandably she was heart-broken but explained that she had known something was going on for months and felt relieved that she had finally been able to prove it and confirm she wasn’t simply paranoid. She was then able to make the decision to confront her husband and end the relationship without worrying that she was making the wrong choice.

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