Why Is My Wife Being Distant?

Why is my wife being distant

Over a number of months our client had seen his wife becoming increasingly distant, he gave us insight into her job and her working routine and explained how she seemed to be becoming more argumentative. He also went on to explain that he had strong suspicions she was seeing somebody from work and he had made multiple attempts to confront her and offer her a chance to confess her infidelity.

There were some indicators that she may be lying about the times she was at the gym because she seemed to be spending upwards of 3 hours there on weekends and we agreed that this was the time he was most concerned about. Our team followed his wife to the gym and one of them went inside to work out and identify whether there was anything untoward happening. The female operative used the opportunity to complete a work out ensuring she would not be distinguishable from any other gym member.

It became apparent that the subject was simply working out, she wasn’t rushed at all and spent some time chatting with other women appearing as though it was as much of a social visit as it was a workout for her. After a number of hours she left the gym and returned to the home address. Our team were confident that she had not interacted with anybody in an inappropriate manner nor had she done anything that you wouldn’t expect of somebody going to the gym.

When we spoke to the client his first reaction was that we had missed something as he could tell by her body language that had been with another man, we discussed the results with the client and eventually came to subject of his behaviour towards his wife and how it had changed since he had these suspicions. It emerged that he felt she was flirting on a night out with some mutual friends of theirs and since then had been unable to get the thought of her cheating out of his head. Speaking through the problem he realised how the changes in behaviour he had seen in his wife may actually have been a reaction to the changes in his own behaviour, because of this suspicion he couldn’t seem to shake he had been far less attentive.

The outcome of our surveillance showed there was nothing untoward and taking that on board he decided to sit down with his wife and let her know how he had been feeling, he disclosed that he had hired an investigator and the reasons for the changes in his behaviour. This led to her confessing she has been distant because she didn’t like being accused of being unfaithful and he was pushing her away. Ultimately the couple were able to put the issue behind them and the husband was able to drop the thought that she was being unfaithful.

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