The Miracle Man With a Lookalike

Is My Husband Cheating

A local council contacted ourselves as they had a pending court case and only had a few days to obtain the evidence they needed, they had been tipped off that the man standing trial was actually able bodied. The man claimed to be paralysed from the waist down and his disability was so severe he had a full-time carer living in his home with him to provide 24/7 care. We sent a covert surveillance team to the man’s property and within hours our team’s arrival observed the man walk 10-15 yards to his car, he had the use of a zimmer frame but this was enough to warrant further surveillance. On the following day we witnessed the man be helped by his carer into his car and leave the area, the vehicle was pursued to a nearby town around 30 miles away and that’s where the miracle took place. The disabled man opened his car door and without assistance walked 100 yards side by side with his carer to a nearby property. The entire event was recorded and high quality footage was given to the council, once the man was aware of the footage he claimed that the man in the video was actually a look-alike so our investigator stood trial as a witness. The judge ruled that the evidence was clear as day and ultimately led to a criminal prosecution.

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