Person Tracing

The term ‘tracing’ is used to describe the process of locating details for a particular person or company, there are various types of tracing but the most common is address tracing which refers to tracing an address for an individual or company. Person Tracing Services can also be used to identify contact details such as landline numbers, mobile phone numbers and email addresses.

Accurate Results

The first thought that comes to mind when many people think about tracing services is debtor tracing as debtors have a clear motive for moving to different properties and trying to avoid detection, this isn’t always the case. When somebody moves property, changes name or contact details it is very rare that they update everybody who holds that data, this leads to companies, websites and databases holding out-dated or incorrect information and the need for tracing agents such as ourselves.Our teams skill set and experience ensure that even the most evasive of subjects can be located, we are that confident in our ability we are able to offer some of our tracing services on a no win, no fee basis (Please Call to Enquire). In addition to our tracing services we also offer process serving and surveillance services as it is often the case that once somebody has been located they need to be served with legal papers.

Case Studies

Not sure about our services? Read examples of how our surveillance service has helped our customers.

Missing Wife

Our client and his wife had been separated for a number of years but they were still married, his wife was not born in the UK and was concerned that if she got divorced she may lose her right to live here. When our client entered a new relationship the communication with his wife broke down and she became evasive, after a couple of years he decided that he wanted to marry his new partner but needed to file for divorce. When he attempted to contact his wife she had changed her number moved address and changed her job leaving him chasing shadows. Without an address to serve divorce paperwork he could not begin proceedings so he hired our contacted one of our tracing agents and asked us how to find an address. We took some details and eventually located his wife to another city where we were able to serve divorce paperwork and get the balling rolling. Read the full case: Missing Wife

Gone Away Tenant

As a landlord bad tenants are your worst nightmare, even after putting precautions in place some of our landlord clients have found themself at a significant financial loss. The owner of a relatively modern 3 bedroom semi had been chasing his tenant for overdue for a number of months and had been lenient as the tenant always had the perfect excuse, promising they had missed a bonus at work and would be able to pay in the near future. It wasn’t until the tenants phone stopped ringing that the landlord drove to the property in attempt to speak to them, when he arrived he found the house was in abysmall condition, the front door wasn’t locked and there was no sight of the tenant. He took a look round the property and estimated the damage to be in the region of £4,000.00 plus the outstanding rent he was owed. The tenants had only recently moved out so locating them by traditional methods wasn’t an option but our team know how to find someone even when they are being evasive, in less than a week we had located the tenant and assisted our clients solicitor who started legal proceedings. Read the full case: Gone Away Tenant

Who Is My Birth Mother?

We were contacted by a woman in her late 20’s who had never met her birth mother as she was adopted at a young age, she explained that she wanted to find her birth mother as she was old enough to know it wasn’t going to hurt her the people she knew as her parents and they accepted that she would want to know her real parents. Finding a birth parent can be a tricky exercise as we have no information to suggest why they put the child up for adoption in the first place and don’t know if they would want to have contact themselves. We explained that if we located her we would have to contact her, inform her that her daughter wanted to get in contact and ask for her permission to do so. When we eventually managed to locate the birth mother, we rang her and she broke down into tears of joy, she gave us her consent and a few weeks after they had been reunited they came to our office to say Thanks in person. Read the full case: Who is my birth mother?


Initially we require as much information on the trace subject to give the best chance of a successful  and fast trace. However we have many successful previous cases working from the smallest amounts of information.

No. there will be no record that a trace has been carried out. The methods we use have been established over a number of years and our agents are skilled in what they do.


For some trace enquires we offer a No Win No Fee service meaning you only pay if the trace is successful. We will not charge you a penny for the work we carry out unless we gain the result you are looking for.

Initially we need to talk with any potential clients either by phone or face to face. This is to get an understanding of your needs and expectations and to see whether Reveal Private Investigations can achieve these. There are no fee’s or costs involved for these meetings.