Process Serving

Process serving is the act of delivering legal documentation, when notifying a party of legal action you must ensure that the documentation has actually been received. A Process server is a trusted third party that will guarantee documents have not only been delivered but also been received by the named recipient(s), providing a statement, certificate or affidavit that details when, where and how the document was served.

Legal Aid Process Servers

Our process servers offer a fixed fee process serving package that includes up to 3 visits, we guarantee that the documents will be served correctly and on-time, everytime. Once the serve has taken place we will ensure all relevant documentation is submitted and sent to yourself within 48 hours. We also accept work funded by the Legal Aid Authority as well as privately process serves.


Many of the individuals getting served are aware that they will be getting served at some point and exercise caution making it difficult to locate and identify them. Fortunately as private investigators we are excellent at being discreet, have a variety of techniques and an array of equipment we can use to confirm their identity and obtain evidence of our serve.

Above & Beyond

With the use of covert body-worn cameras we are able to provide video footage of every process serve in addition to our certificate/statement/affidavit giving you the peace of mind that the recipient has no way of disputing the service.If you are unsure of the location or address for your subject we also offer a Trace & Serve package that includes identifying the whereabouts of your subject and the service itself.
  • Fixed Fee Process Serving
  • Trace & Serve Packages Available
  • Weekend Service Available
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Covert Footage of Service Available
  • Statements of Service/ Certificates of Service/ Affidavits Sent within 48 hours

Case Studies

Curious whether we are the right process server for the job? Take a look at some of our success stories.

Serving One Of Two Identical Brothers

As a Process Server a photograph of your recipient is always helpful however not in the case of two near identical brothers. We were tasked with serving a recipient a Divorce Petition, the client and the dizygotic brother had been separated for some time, due to building a new life abroad the client wanted to deal with her past once and for all and understandably contacted Reveal Private Investigations to support with delivering the petitions of her husband. Find out how our agent found the right man.

The Man Who Accused Our Process Server Of Lying

In many of our process serves we wear a covert body-worn camera and obtain video evidence of the serve, although it is very rare anybody ever disputes that they were served, it does happen from time to time. A client came to us with the need for service of documents relating to a court appearance, the case was to do with overdue debts and the client’s solicitor had informed them to contact us. During the initial phone call our client made it apparent that the respondent had been evasive for quite some time. Read on about the rouge trader and how we helped our client.

The Missing Wife

We were contacted by a man who wanted a divorce with his estranged wife, he was unsure of how he would be able to file for divorce following a large period of separation. After spending a couple of years together, he and his new muse decided they wanted to get married, but their desires were hampered by the previous marriage. An issue that he had in the early years of separation was that  his wife was not born in the UK and was concerned that if she got divorced she may lose her right to live here, so at the thought of divorce she became evasive and eventually cut all contact.

What Our Clients Said


Our process servers will visit the property up to three times at no additional cost, each of the visits will be conducted at a different time of the day to ensure the best chance of successful service.

If required the process server will also make enquiries with neighbours or local residents and attempt to establish when the subject will be at home. 

For some services there are other options to serving paperwork at home, such as at the recipients work address or frequently visited locations.

When necessary our process servers will make our first visit the same day we receive our instruction, we understand that sometimes timescales are particularly tight and will do all we can to prioritise urgent serves.

We aim to make our first visit within 48 hours of receiving instruction for all of our process serves and make sure our client is aware of any progress as soon as possible.

We are happy to take on process serving funded by the Legal Aid Authority (LAA). Please specify in your request that the work is funded by Legal Aid and we will ensure our quote is ready to be submitted to the LAA.


Our process servers offer nationwide coverage however the fee’s may vary depending on the location of service. 

We also have a network of investigators globally so do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with your international process serving requirements.

Yes, when original documents are required for service we generally suggest sending them to our office by recorded delivery however if the documentation is particularly important or the timescale does not permit we will collect them from your office or the court directly.

There is a small fee for the collection of documents, this fee is determined by the location of the collection point.