Process Serving

When notifying a party of legal action, it is important to be sure that the documentation has actually been received. A Process server is a trusted third party that will guarantee that documents have been delivered directly into the hands of the named recipient(s) and informed them of the contents. Process servers will then provide a statement, certificate or affidavit that details when, where and how the document was served, to prove that the party has been notified.

Process Servers

We offer a fixed-fee process serving package of up to 3 visits. We guarantee that the documents will be served correctly and on time, every time. We will provide you with a statement of service within 48 hours of serving the documents to confirm the time and date of the delivery. We accept work funded by the Legal Aid Authority as well as private cases.

Many recipients are aware that they will be getting served at some point and can make it difficult for process servers to locate and identify them. Fortunately, we are private investigators. We are discreet, experienced, and have a variety of techniques and equipment we can use to locate the subject, confirm their identity and evidence their receipt.

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Above & Beyond

With the use of covert, body-worn cameras, we are able to provide video footage of the process serve to supplement our statement of service, giving you peace of mind that the recipient is left with no excuses. If you are unsure of the location or address of your subject, we also offer a Trace & Serve package that includes identifying the subject’s whereabouts and the process service itself.

  • Fixed Fee Process Serving
  • Trace & Serve Packages Available
  • Weekend Service Available
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Covert Footage of Service Available
  • Statements of Service sent within 48 hours

What our customers said

Case Studies

Curious whether we are the right process server for the job? Take a look at some of our success stories.

Serving One Of Two Identical Brothers

As a Process Server a photograph of your recipient is always helpful however not in the case of two near identical brothers. We were tasked with serving a recipient a Divorce Petition, the client and the dizygotic brother had been separated for some time, due to building a new life abroad the client wanted to deal with her past once and for all and understandably contacted Reveal Private Investigations to support with delivering the petitions of her husband. Find out how our agent found the right man.

The Man Who Accused Our Process Server Of Lying

In many of our process serves we wear a covert body-worn camera and obtain video evidence of the serve, although it is very rare anybody ever disputes that they were served, it does happen from time to time. A client came to us with the need for service of documents relating to a court appearance, the case was to do with overdue debts and the client’s solicitor had informed them to contact us. During the initial phone call our client made it apparent that the respondent had been evasive for quite some time. Read on about the rouge trader and how we helped our client.

Corporate Services

We assist employers, who might otherwise avoid investigating dishonest staff because they lack experience or fear legal action.

Becoming a victim of fraud can be stressful and financially devastating so investigating it professionally and effectively is vital.

Lying about injuries for financial gain creates stigma and undue stress for those who rely on compensation and injury payments.

Mystery shoppers collect vital intelligence about the customers experience and can find evidence of unscrupulous retailers.

Process servers provide a trusted method of delivery that ensures documents have been received. 

Enquiry agents can conduct covert and overt enquiries, obtaining additional information to support investigations.

Corporate Services FAQ

Our process servers provide nationwide coverage, we are also part of a global network allowing us to offer support internationally.

Our catalogue of agents ensures that the task will be completed to the highest standard irrespective of the tasks location.

Process serving is a process conducted by professionals to ensure important documents are received by the designated recipient and to prevent them from being able to deny knowledge of the contents. Process is usually served ‘personally’ which involves speaking with the recipient directly and either handing them the paperwork or informing them of the contents and leaving them in a safe place.

Yes, in time-sensitive cases (or if you’re local to one of our offices) we can arrange for one of our team to collect the documents. 



Our enquiry agents provide nationwide coverage, we are also part of a global network allowing us to offer support internationally.

Our catalogue of agents ensures that the task will be completed to the highest standard irrespective of the tasks location.

Our clients confidentiality is paramount to us and all of our agents are trained to know exactly what they can and cannot disclose.

If the task requires disclosing your identity this is something you would be made aware of at the initial stage and confirmation would be sought before proceeding.

We are fully GDPR compliant so all of the data we hold is stored and accessed securely.

Some documents can be served by substituted service which means the documents can be posted through the letterbox, left in a safe place or fixed to a place that is clearly visible and will come to the recipients attention within a reasonable timeframe. Substituted service is usually effected when personal service has not been possible.

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