A Day in the Life of a Private Investigator: Part One

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A Day of a Private Investigator: Part One

The world of private investigation may seem shrouded in mystery at times, so it’s natural to feel dubious about using the services of an investigator. However, skilled and discreet though this line of work may be, it’s really not as confusing as it may appear.

To give you an insight into what we do, let’s set aside those perceptions you’ve seen on the big screen, to take you on a whirlwind tour of a day in the life of a private investigator.

Receiving an enquiry

It all starts with a phone call. When someone gets in touch about a corporate or private matter, we usually suggest an initial consultation either over the phone or face to face.

Often, there is a complex backstory leading up to the time of the enquiry – to determine if we can help and how, we need to understand the requirements and expectations of our clients. Our experienced team will listen intently to your situation, and offer guidance on how to resolve the issue.

This stage is completely free of charge, with no pressure to use our private investigation services. All calls, emails and meetings are held in the strictest confidence; we would only ever share your details with an individual or organisation subject to your permission.

Getting started

Time is of the essence in the world of private investigations. So if you agree to the quotation and time frame, and decide to go ahead with the investigation, we’ll waste no time in getting started.

Preparation is key to successful fieldwork, so our team will spend time compiling information and doing background research in the early stages of your investigation. Using modern techniques and the expertise of our investigators, we aim to make this stage as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Whether you’re searching for a missing person, investigating an employee or dealing with financial issues, we will gather all the relevant information about your case. In doing so, our team take extra care to abide by legal requirements, and take due diligence to ensure our enquiries are discreet and confidential.

The next steps

Armed with our research, our private investigators will move onto the second stage of the process – fieldwork. As we will explore in our next blog, the methods involved in this stage can be extremely varied, depending on the nature of the investigation and the outcome sought by the client.

By taking the time to understand the needs and expectations of our clients, and gaining an intimate knowledge of the case, background and persons involved, Reveal Private Investigators is able to lay the foundations for a successful case from day one.

Keep an eye out for the second blog in our series, where we will go into more depth about how we achieve such a high success rate. Want to have a chat with our team? Contact us for a free, confidential consultation with an advisor.


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