Cheat Detector – The Cheating Checklist

is my partner cheating

Nobody wants to feel like they are being paranoid or going crazy. But sometimes when our partners are being unfaithful these can be the first emotions.

Often if someone is cheating there behaviour or characteristics will begin to change. These can be the first signs. Look at the list below and see if you partner is exhibiting some of these new behaviours:

  • Is their computer password-protected?
  • Have they ‘locked’ their mobile with a PIN number?
  • Is ‘You’re just being paranoid’ their new catch-phrase?
  • You are not allowed to use their phone’
  • Their schedule is all smoke and mirrors
  • Have they started sending their ‘phone and credit card bills to another address?
  • Are their unusual amounts going out of your joint account?
  • Have your friends started noticing a change in your partner’s behaviour?
  • Have they changed their routine?

Have you answered ‘YES’ to at least one question above? Obviously this is not a full proof method but this often means that your suspicions may be correct. Don’t take our word for it, hire a private investigator and for a small fee you can put your mind to rest and continue in your relationship happy in the knowledge that your partner is being faithful.

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