Corporate Watchdog: The Benefits Of Mystery Shopping To Your Business

Mystery Shopping

Corporate Watchdog: The Benefits Of Mystery Shopping To Your Business

Businesses don’t succeed without a measure of control. We want to trust in our colleagues, of course, but how much do you really trust their procedural behaviour and customer service abilities? If they’re falling below your standards, it’ll reflect badly on the brand as a whole.
Reveal PI are masters of the mystery shopping exercise. By sending an agent into your place of work, you’ll gauge just how well staff members are delivering your service. There are several benefits to doing so…

Retaining the human face of your company

People buy from people – this maxim never wavers from the cold realm of reality. In essence, customers should be happy, informed and cared for when they come into contact with your employees. Otherwise, there’s little incentive for them to come back; rudeness and a laissez-faire attitude just aren’t going to cut it.
Mystery shoppers plant themselves in the consumer’s shoes, investigating many aspects of the sales/service provision you offer. They’ll ask questions, test staff with a few issues on the fly, and imitate (as best they can) what a typical buyer might go through until they get what they want. Sub-par interaction will be noted, and presented to you.

Putting a microscope to efficiency

The second pillar of your venture is, quite significantly, how good the end service or product might be. Business owners can slip into complacency after years of delivering something they’re proud of. However, whether you’re giving people fresh sandwiches, fine hospitality or a detailed IT report, the threat remains the same – your best qualities could be squandered by staff who don’t know what they’re doing, or how to do it well.
Thus, mystery shoppers get to the core of your expectations for anything your workers deliver. They’ll grade and detail what they’re privy to in the shopping experience, including things like wait times and hygiene protocol (if applicable).

Laying the terms of comparison

Every business should keep a bead on its competitors. Innovation never ceases, no matter the industry in question; if you don’t know how you square up to those on a similar track, you’ll fall behind, eating the dust as their brand outstrips you.
This is yet another reason why mystery shoppers can shake things up for the better. By gaining a covert look at your operational model, and the impressions it tends to broadcast, there’s no firmer way of seeing how you compare in the market. You can visit or contact these other workplaces yourself – then, armed with our report, cross-check what you do better, and where your weaknesses are.
Corporate watchdog services are a prized solution for any and all business owners. Even if we’re part of a complete, 100% satisfactory shopping scenario, your doubts are laid to rest: surely a godsend for your sense of control, productivity and the thrust of your public image. Contact Reveal PI today to speak with an investigator. Let’s weed out any discrepancies in your consumer experience…

Ever considered hiring a mystery shopping in the UK? Call Reveal PI Today at 0330 808 9344 or visit 11 St Paul’s Square, Birmingham, West Midlands B3 1RB.

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