Protecting Your Business: Why You Should Hire A Private Investigator In Birmingham

Why You Should Hire A Private Investigator In Birmingham

Theft, fraud or other forms of deception can be devastating for businesses. This is especially the case when the culprit is not identifiable due to a lack of evidence. 

When a business is losing money or even its reputation due to misconduct from others, it could be time to hire a pi

Reveal private investigators assist businesses and private individuals across the West Midlands area with a variety of investigation types. 

If you are a business owner or work on behalf of an organisation, then here is an overview of the corporate investigation services we provide in Birmingham.

Why Might I Need A Birmingham Private Investigator?

Birmingham-based Businesses may require the services of a private investigator when there is a lack of time, knowledge or resources to solve any form of corporate investigation internally.  

Likewise, when professional services such as asset tracing or enquiry agent work are required before important decisions can be made. 

For instance, did you know that between 2022/23, there were 6,558 thefts by employees reported in England and Wales?

Finding who is responsible for theft within a business can be challenging not to mention upsetting when trust has been broken. With employers also not wanting to use improper techniques which could see them at fault, private investigators are often called upon to guide the investigation in the right way. 

The same level of expertise can be applied in any scenario which affects the operational health of a business. 

Professional Private Investigations For Businesses

Our business investigation services span various forms of surveillance, research and reporting. 

Depending on the investigation type, we can advise further on the types of techniques needed to bring about a resolution to your case. 

Private Investigator Birmingham FAQs

Never worked with a private detective before?

We’ve answered some of the most common queries below, but for anything else feel free to give our Birmingham office a call. 

Moonlighting Meaning In Business

Moonlighting refers to someone working an extra job without the knowledge or consent of their employer. Within our corporate services, we are often called upon to investigate employee fraud including moonlighting. In some instances, moonlighting even happens when the employee is off sick from work, making it a very serious issue for businesses. 

Can An Employer Investigate An Employee?

Yes. If there is reason to suspect any kind of misconduct may have taken place within the business, then employers have the right to investigate the issue and establish the facts. This includes conducting an investigation without the knowledge of the employee where necessary.  

What Is An Example Of A Workplace Investigation?

Many workplace investigations stem from some form of misconduct, whether this involves theft, fraud, moonlighting or another type of unacceptable workplace behaviour. 

Reveal PI – Private Investigators Birmingham

Are you working on behalf of a Birmingham-based business, and require our help with any form of corporate investigation? 

Reveal PI is a private detective agency in Birmingham working across the wider West Midlands area. Our team has extensive experience in various corporate investigation types, allowing us to assist when internal resources cannot bring about a resolution. 

Contact our private investigators in Birmingham by calling 0121 663 0251 or emailing us at 

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