Private Surveillance Birmingham

Private Surveillance Birmingham

Do you want to find out whether someone is telling the truth, or do you  need help gathering evidence for a case in Birmingham? 

Reveal PI provides private surveillance services in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. 

Our fully accredited and highly professional team can assist across a range of personal and corporate investigation types. 

With the ability to provide evidence such as photographs, videos or documentation, our private investigators work effectively to get the answers you need. 

If you’ve never worked with us before, here is an overview of the private surveillance work we undertake in Birmingham to guide you. 

What Does Private Surveillance In Birmingham Involve?

Private surveillance in Birmingham involves various forms of evidence gathering. All with the aim of finding out specific answers to private or corporate investigations. 

Our evidence is collected through covert surveillance techniques, such as the use of body-worn cameras or long lens photography equipment. Although, our techniques will vary depending on the nature of the case, along with the type of evidence needed.  

It’s fair to say that private surveillance is an art form, which is why it’s a task best left to the experts. That’s because personal investigations can often be highly sensitive. Likewise, in the case of corporate investigations, it’s essential to remain discreet so that the suspect does not become aware they are being monitored. 

Once we’ve completed our investigations, we then provide our evidence quality intelligence reports so that the next stage of action can take place. 

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How Can Private Surveillance Benefit Me?

Sometimes gathering evidence is just not that easy. As well as the time and effort it takes to capture surveillance, doing so in a discreet and legal manner are yet more challenges that private individuals or companies may face.  

When that evidence is needed for a contentious  case, private surveillance offers one of the most tangible forms of indisputable evidence.

Employee Investigations

Do you suspect employee misconduct within your business? Worried that staff aren’t being honest?

For instance, maybe they are lying about being too ill to work, the extent of an injury that took place on company property, or misusing company vehicles.

Another recent trend is ‘moonlighting’, whereby someone works more than one full-time job at once, without either employer(s) being aware. 

Fighting dismissal claims can be expensive, time-consuming and put a business at significant risk. Private investigators can obtain evidence of post-employment activity that may impact the outcome of the tribunal.

These are just scratching the surface of dishonesty within your business that ultimately, could cost your company more than just money. 

Fraud Investigations 

People don’t always tell the truth to their insurers, especially when they stand to make financial gains. Fraud investigations aren’t limited to car insurance fraud and can be much more widely spread.

Fraud is committed in various ways but the common goal is getting money out of parties such as individuals, businesses or local authorities for damages or claims that don’t warrant the compensation they want.

Our private surveillance techniques can be used to identify inconsistencies in any story whether that relates to an individual’s conduct or a complex case of corporate fraud.

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Infidelity Investigations

Asking your partner if they are cheating may be the obvious first choice when there are concerns but it doesn’t guarantee you are going to get the truth

When something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. For instance, if claims about where your partner has been are not adding up. Or if you have a sinking feeling that they are being unfaithful based on recent behavioural changes.

Our private investigators can determine once and for all what the truth is through our private surveillance techniques.

Retail Investigations 

Is theft becoming uncontrollable in your retail store? Suspect a shop is breaching licencing conditions?? Or just want to gain a better understanding of your customers experience when dealing with staff?

Our private investigators can conduct discreet visits to determine what is happening within a retail environment and obtain video evidence using hidden body-worn cameras. This can provide valuable insight into how staff are performing and dealing with customers.

It also gives an opportunity to establish whether stores are offering under the counter products or operating outside of specified hours.

Reveal PI – Private Surveillance Services In Birmingham

Reveal Private investigators are available in the Birmingham area to assist you with your corporate or personal case

As well as Birmingham, we operate across the wider West Midlands area including Dudley, Sandwell, Stourbridge, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton.

Whether you require assistance with cases similar to the surveillance operations we’ve mentioned above, or if you want to find out whether we can help with something else, our team is only a call or a click away. 

Please fill out our contact form or give us a call on 0121 663 0251 to provide us with details on how we can help. 

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