Using a Private Investigator – Is it the right thing to do

can I book a private investigator

A lot of our clients initially suffer a bout of guilt when deciding whether or not to use a Private Investigator. Some see it as an invasion of privacy, but the real guilt shouldn’t be on them.

In my years doing this job my experience tells me there is no smoke without fire and in over 90% of the cases we handle this unfortunately is true.

Often are clients have been made to feel as if they are going crazy and all negativity in a relationship is reversed onto them by a partner who is indeed lying to them or cheating  “Your’e crazy” ”you’re just paranoid” ”you’re stealing my freedom” just a few of the lines we often hear.

In such cases why should someone who is being emotionally bullied feel bad about trying to find out the truth about their life. Most of the time our clients are simply seeking peace of mind and clarity in a relationship and this can only be a good thing for anyone.

It’s the 21st century and everyone should have the freedom to make informed decisions and not be emotionally blackmailed by anyone else.

Using a Private Investigator can rid any doubt from a person’s mind and often is a massive lift from someone’s shoulders once there suspicions are proved or dis-proved.

So that leaves me thinking what about the 10% of cases where we establish that indeed nothing is going on and no-one is being lied to. Well these are also beneficial to our client and our clients partners as once peace of mind is clarified surely this is only going to contribute to a happier future relationship all round. No more accusations.

As all our investigations are totally covert so there is no invasion of privacy.  We simply supply the truth to people who otherwise could be been kept in the dark for many years both in the past and in the future.

So if your wondering should I use a Private Investigator? We say why not! You deserve the truth and if your partner has nothing to hide then an investigation will benefit them to, even though they will never know it’s taken place.


Ultimately the choice is always yours, if you’d like to talk more about your suspicions or feeling guilt about snooping behind someones back, we are always available for free consultation on 0330 223 2933.

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