Bug Sweeping

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures are generally known as bug sweeping as it generally refers to sweeping for and the detection of hidden devices such as cameras, listening devices, data loggers and transmitters.

Complete Security

Whether you are concerned about your home, vehicle or office our team have the equipment and the expertise to detect and remove even the most advanced devices. In business information alone can provide the competitive edge that distinguishes you from your competition. That information could be knowledge of a particular process, product, supplier or even market research but the cost can be phenomenal and if it was somehow leaked to your competition it could mean the difference between success and bankruptcy. The problems a leak can cause are not purely monetary as we frequently see bugs planted in homes or vehicles by partners and family members who want to snoop. In most of these cases the bug is not intended to steal information but rather to monitor you without your knowledge, we have the experience required to sweep for these devices without tearing down walls and destroying furniture. Ultimately we aim to restore the peace of mind that what you do and say in your own home remains as private as you would like.

Case Studies

Not sure about our services? Read examples of how our surveillance service has helped our customers.

The Vehicle Tracker

A manufacturing firm contacted us because they were had noticed that one of their competitors had recently started using a number of their suppliers and drastically reduces their pricing. After speaking with the director we worked out with our team what the possible options were and after interviewing a couple of members of staff found a pattern that suggested all of the suppliers their competitor had started using were dealt with by a single sales person. Rather than confronting the sales person and making accusations we spoke to the director who assured us he was a loyal employee and looked at alternative options. We conducted a bug sweep on the employee’s vehicle and found that there was a small GPS tracking device attached which had been relaying the employee’s routes and used by a competitor to identify their suppliers. Read the full case: The Vehicle Tracker

The Camera In The Clock

Our client was convinced that somebody had been spying on her because her estranged husband seemed to know more than she was telling him, she called us for help and told us exactly what he knew. We ran through some questions with her and found that the only thing the information had in common was that she had been sat at home on the phone while she was discussing it. We narrowed down the search to her home and took some sweeping equipment to take a look at the property, it took less than 2 hours to discover the husband had hired a company to install a bug and they had fitted a small camera in the wall clock. We were able to remove the device and show the client exactly what had been installed in her home. Read the full case: The Camera in the clock

The Listening Device In The Board Room

It is not unusual for disgruntled employees to attempt to take revenge on their previous employers but we were a little surprised to find a current employee already planning his revenge before he was dismissed. A regular client of ours asked us if we could shed any light on how his staff seemed to be aware there was going to be a safety inspection prior to it happening. We spoke to a few employees and found that one particular employee appeared to be ‘in-the-know’ but we still weren’t aware of how he had obtained the information. We sent our team to sweep some of the communal areas and offices and found a hidden listening device planted inside the board room. We were able to trace the owner of the SIM card and confirm that the employee in question had bought the SIM card, when questioned he explained that he thought the company were planning to let him go so he had planted it to try and find dirt he could use against them. Read the full case: The Listening Device in the Board Room


Yes, we use the very latest bug sweeping technology. We invest heavily in this area and always keep upto date with the very latest equipment and listening devices on the market.

Yes, we require the sweep area to be as quiet and as evacuated as possible. This makes it easier for us to work our highly sensitive equipment to its highest standard.


Due to the highly sensitive nature of listening device cases we can start the sweep within 24 hours. Sometime we can start sooner than this depending on our availability and the urgency of the sweep.
No, our primary objective is to be discreet. The techniques and equipment we use allow us to conduct our enquiries without alerting anybody to our presence. If we feel the risk of being compromised is too high we will stand down and assess whether we feel it is possible to continue. The only people who will be aware the surveillance is taking place will be the client and the investigators.