Matrimonial Investigations

Confronting a cheating spouse can be a daunting task and the most difficult step is often admitting there is a problem. Whether you are seeking evidence to confront your partner, to use in court or simply for personal closure our matrimonial investigations will provide clarity and the answers you need.

Finding the Truth

Most relationship experts agree that if a partner is being unfaithful there are likely to be changes in the individual’s behaviour, changes in your partners behaviour alone are not a guaranteed sign they are being unfaithful but may be an indicator that something has changed. We see common factors in a large number of the infidelity cases we work on and although cheating partners may be able to hide their activities at home it is a much more difficult task to hide it from our investigators.

The evidence we provide will be prepared to a meticulous standard and will be sufficient to use as evidence in court should it be required, our team will always ensure you feel comfortable discussing the situation with us and will never press for details you do not want to disclose nor try and persuade you to pay for service you are not entirely happy with. You are under no obligation to provide specific details about yourself or your partner and if you choose not to proceed we will not keep a record of our call.

Case Studies

Not sure whether to contact an investigator about your relationship? Here are some of our success stories.

Is My Husband Cheating?

We received a phone call from a distraught woman who strongly suspected her husband was cheating, she explained that he had always worked long hours but recently it had become more frequent and the excuses he gave were getting more and more flimsy, he claimed he was being forced to work overtime but his earnings never seemed to change. We carried our surveillance and discovered his stories didn’t seem to match his actions.

Why Is My Wife Being Distant?

Over a number of months our client had seen his wife becoming increasingly distant, he gave us insight into her job and her working routine and explained how she seemed to be becoming more argumentative. He also went on to explain that he had strong suspicions she was seeing somebody from work and he had made multiple attempts to confront her and offer her a chance to confess her infidelity.

What Is My Partner Doing On A Night Out?

Whether husband and wife, or girlfriend and boyfriend, the question is “What is my partner doing on a night out?” is very common and you wouldn’t be the first to wonder it yourself. One client who contacted us had these thoughts for too long and when confronted her partner was told that she was crazy, delusional, insane and paranoid. All tell tale signs that someone has something to cover up. Read on about how we knocked over the lies and uncovered the truth.

What Our Clients Said


Unfortunately there is no easy way to tell, not all cheaters follow the same behavioural patterns, for some individuals the mistake of cheating once will be enough to make them realise how much they value the relationship and stop them from doing it again.

Other individuals will cheat until they get caught one way or another and there are cheaters who make a lifestyle out of being unfaithful, unfortunately these individuals are more common than most people would like to think.


Initially we need to get an understanding of your needs and expectations in order to establish if they are legal, feasible and actually achievable. We don’t charge for consultation and are happy to discuss the issues over the phone, by email or face to face depending on whichever you feel more comfortable with.


Every investigation is meticulously planned to ensure that the risk of compromise is absolutely minimal, in the event that an operative is confronted or approached by a subject they will have a carefully planned story to explain their behaviour and would never disclose that they were investigating the person. 

In addition to not revealing their true motive, we are legally obliged to protect our clients confidentiality and are fully GDPR compliant so you can assure that we will never disclose our clients identity and the data we hold will be kept absolutely secure and confidential.

Yes, all of the work we conduct is legal and lawful so rest assured that any of the information we obtain can be disclosed in court. We prepare reports to an evidential standard ensuring that they will be admissible and in the event the evidence is questioned or interrogated we will stand in court and defend our reports.

Our reports are frequently used in court as proof of unreasonable behaviour and it is incredibly rare that they are ever challenged.