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One way we can assist private companies is by gathering information about employee-related issues, such as injury claims, long-term sickness and moonlighting.

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can I book a private investigator
Matrimonial Investigations

Using a Private Investigator – Is it the right thing to do

It’s the 21st century and everyone should have the freedom to make informed decisions and not be emotionally blackmailed by anyone else. Using a Private Investigator can rid any doubt from a person’s mind and often is a massive lift from someone’s shoulders once there suspicions are proved or dis-proved.

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Unhappy Relationship Cheating Partner
Matrimonial Investigations

New Year, New You? Don’t settle for being Unhappy in your Relationship

Many people struggle with the festive period because the temptation to let your diet slip is at an all time high and motivation to go to the gym is at all time low but for others it’s a struggle because they are unhappy in a relationship and feel trapped by the pressure of friends and family to put up with it until the new year.

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is my partner cheating
Matrimonial Investigations

Cheat Detector – The Cheating Checklist

Nobody wants to feel like they are being paranoid or going crazy. But sometimes when our partners are being unfaithful these can be the first emotions.
Look at the list in our blog and see if you partner is exhibiting some of these new behaviours.

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