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is my partner cheating

Cheat Detector – The Cheating Checklist

Nobody wants to feel like they are being paranoid or going crazy. But sometimes when our partners are being unfaithful these can be the first emotions.
Look at the list in our blog and see if you partner is exhibiting some of these new behaviours.

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Bug sweeping private investigator

Bug Sweeping influx as New Zealand All Blacks get bugged

Firms across the country are locking filing cabinets, deleting emails and frantically calling private investigators in panic as news broke that the New Zealand All Blacks have discovered a hidden listening device stitched into a chair in the meeting room at their hotel.

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Ashley Madison Hacked cheating partner

Ashley Madison Hacked – Was your partners name on the list?

Did you watch your partners jaw drop at the breakfast table this morning as they heard the news that Ashley Madison members’ details were going to be released? It raises the question, if 33 million people are paying to use a site aimed at having affairs, how many people are having affairs without using a website?

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Commercial investigators

The Impossible Task Of Cancelling A Contract

We were inspired to write this article after the shocking experience we had when cancelling a contract. We had a 12-month contract with a large company that provide serviced and virtual offices. After around 10 months it became apparent that our requirements had changed…

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sia assured private investigators

New SIA registration requirements for Private Investigators

In July 2013 the Home Secretary announced that private investigators will need to be licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) to operate legitimately. Such licences will be granted following a series of vigorous checks. “It is vital we have proper regulation of private investigators to ensure rigorous standards in this sector and the respect of individuals’ rights to privacy.”

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