Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some of the questions our clients most frequently ask, if your question does not appear here then please do not hesitate to get in touch


Will my call be confidential?

We have a legal duty to keep information about you confidential, this includes anything discussed during the call as well as your personal details.

We will not give information about you to individuals or any other organisations, we require your specific permission to discuss any of these details with anybody other than yourself.

I want to speak to somebody but don’t want to be contacted

When you contact Reveal Private Investigators we will always ask if you mind being contacted, we will also ask for your preferred method of contact and the most convenient time to do so.

We will never pass on your details, send marketing emails or post. We will only contact you by phone if you had specified it is ok to do so.

Is this legal?

Yes, Reveal Private Investigators will never break the law whilst working on a case.

Will the person ever be aware of the investigation?

No. Our investigators and detectives operate in the strictest of confidence and completely covertly, insuring all our clients have maximum peace of mind. No one will ever find out an investigation has taken place unless you tell them.

How long does an investigation take?

The length of an investigation is decided primarily by the client. This is something that will be discussed in our original meeting, we will give advice on how long we feel the investigation needs to take place in order for the client to achieve their desired result.

What are the first steps?

Initially we need to talk with any potential clients either by phone or face to face. This is to get an understanding of your needs and expectations and to see whether Reveal Private Investigators can achieve these. This initial consultation is completely free of charge.

How soon can you start?

We aim to start as soon as is required. Once we have had our initial consultation and have agreed on a service we can start the investigation the same day.

How do I know you will actually do the work?

We have achieved a great reputation and have many satisfied customers, we will provide our clients with a report to show the observations we have made during all operations even if we didn’t get the result we were looking for.

How much does it cost?

The cost of investigations can vary massively depending on the services involved and the length of time the investigation will run for, in our initial consultation we will discuss your needs and expectations then provide you with a quote we feel would allow you to get the results you need.

How do I pay?

This differs between commercial and public clients. All public clients will be asked to pay a 50% retainer fee upfront to cover the costs of an investigation, commercial clients will be invoiced on completion of any work carried out.

When we have discussed the cost and agreed on a price we will send you an email with a link to a digital invoice, this can be paid using all major credit/debit cards, PayPal or over the phone by speaking to one of our team. Alternatively we also accept cash, bank transfer and cheque.









Cheating Partner or Matrimonial Case

Cheating Partner

How can I tell if my partner is cheating?

There is no single way to tell if a partner is being unfaithful but there are some common indicators that we can look out for, the most common indicators are distinct behavioural changes such as:
– Decreased sexual attraction
– Lack of interest in conversation
– Repeated avoiding of questions
– Defensive about their actions
– Change in circle of friends
Seeing these signs is not definitive proof that your partner is cheating and could be indicators of many other things such as stress or depression.
Not all cheaters follow the same behavioural patterns, for some individuals the mistake of cheating once will be enough to make them realise how much they value the relationship and stop them from doing it again.
Then you have the individuals who will cheat until they get caught one way or another and the cheaters who make a lifestyle out of being unfaithful, unfortunately these individuals are more common than most people would like to think.

Take a look at our blog post ‘The Cheating Checklist’ for more information.

What if my partner finds out?

We are experts at what we do, if you hired a plumber you wouldn’t worry that he couldn’t fix a leak. Rest assured our agents are highly skilled and provide a very discrete service so they will never know an investigation has taken place.

We will never carry out a job that risks jeopardising the investigation, all of our agents comply fully with the data protection act and would never disclose any information regarding the investigation or the client we are working for.

Will the evidence include photos?

Yes, all of our matrimonial or cheating partner packages include surveillance that will come with a full evidence report upon completion.

The report will include a written log of all observations and photographic evidence to support this wherever possible.

How will you catch them if I can’t?

We are very skilled at what we do and have worked on thousands of cases of this nature. We will work with you to establish what your partners normal routine and behaviour should be then use our expertise to identify areas of concern.

How will you know when/where to go?

Before we carry out any surveillance we will discuss their routine with you in great deal and then spend a small period of time establishing a pattern of movements.

We will then use this pattern of movements to identify areas and times of concern, we will focus on those areas of concern and keep a close eye on them at times we feel their actions don’t comply with their expected routine.

Vehicle Tracking

How does vehicle tracking work?

GPS Tracking devices come in many shapes and sizes to suit their desired application. Some are as small as a matchbox, whilst others are designed specifically to be hard wired into a vehicle.

GPS Trackers use triangular satellite navigation. This allows us to locate the unit or vehicle it is attached to at any given time within just a few meters. This all happens in real time, so you can know where someone or something is 24 hours a day.

The tracker will provide post codes and grid references for the actual position of the target. Also detailed will be length of times of stop offs, mph travelled while moving and many other details.

All results will be presented in a user friendly daily report which one of our case workers will be happy to guide you through.

How will you fit the tracking device without being seen?

The device is incredibly small and is attached to the vehicle in a matter of seconds using a very strong magnet, this means that one of our investigators can have the device fitted in no longer than it would take to tie a shoe lace.

An investigator will visit the vehicle at a time you feel is the best possible opportunity, usually late one evening and ensure that it is safe to do so before making any attempt to fit the tracking device.

What if they find the tracking device?

The tracking device is approximately the size of a small matchbox, when fitted to a discrete location underneath the vehicle by one of our experts they are incredibly difficult to find. It is incredibly unlikely anybody would find the tracking device unless they knew exactly where the device was placed as it will not be visible at all.

Do you need to get inside the vehicle to fit the tracker?

No, we do not need physical access to the vehicle in order to fit the tracking device. They are attached to the underside of the vehicle using a very strong magnet and can be fitted in a matter of seconds.

How will I get the results from the tracker?

We will prepare a full report detailing the vehicles movements and keep you informed by emailing you an update every 24 hours.

If you need to find out the vehicles location at any time you can give your case manager a call and they will tell you exactly where the vehicle is located.

How accurate are the trackers?

The trackers are incredibly accurate, we can usually pinpoint an exact door number and we can adjust the frequency of transmissions depending on your needs.

If you need to see the exact path the vehicle has taken we can set the tracking device to report every few seconds giving a very detailed route, some clients only need to know where the vehicle is staying overnight so we can reduce it to much longer intervals.

In terms of location, the tracking device will give an exact latitude and longitude of the vehicle along with an address and a link to view that address on google maps.

How long can you track a vehicle for?

Our vehicle tracking packages start from 1 week and can be extended up to any length of time to meet the clients needs. If you would like a vehicle permanently tracked we can install a device that will track the vehicles movements until it is removed.

Vehicle Tracking




How does it work?

Surveillance can be deployed in a number of ways on a whole range of targets, it really depends on what you the customer is hoping to achieve. Whether you need an object, a person or a place to be watched, we can help. We can supply overt, covert, anti and counter surveillance solutions.

We always offer our clients a free consultation before starting any work, we do so in order to establish the best possible outcome and the best way we can achieve that outcome.

How will you carry out surveillance without being seen?

Our agents are experts at what they do, before carrying out any surveillance they will carry out a small amount of reconnaissance in order to find out the best possible locations to position themselves in and also the most appropriate attire to avoid raising suspicion.

They have access to cameras that can be hidden in clothing allowing them to obtain footage without being seen holding a camera.

In circumstances where the use of vehicles is required we have surveillance vehicles that allow agents to observe and record subjects without them being alerted to the agents presence.

What if the they get caught?

It is very unlikely our agents will ever raise enough suspicion to alert anybody to their presence, in those unlikely circumstances the agent would have a well planned cover story to explain their actions and would never jeopardise the investigation.

Under no circumstances would an agent ever tell the subject what the nature of the investigation was or who they were working for.

What will you do if they get into a vehicle?

We will continue to pursue them, in most cases we would have planned for the likelihood they may enter a vehicle and have our own vehicle in a position ready to continue the pursuit. This includes the use of public transport.

Will the evidence include photos?

Yes, all surveillance operations will include a full intelligence report. The intelligence report will contain a written log of all movements that were observed during the operation and be supplemented by photographic and video evidence were possible.

What if I need evidence for court?

Not a problem, we are familiar with the procedures that need to be followed and the standards that need to be met in order for a judge to consider the information admissible evidence. If you specify that the evidence is going to be needed for court we will ensure it is prepared in a format that can be presented in a court room.

In some cases the judge or the defence may request that the investigator who collected the evidence appear in court, we have no problems in attending court to give evidence and defend our statements.


How much information do you need to trace someone?

We can perform traces using only the smallest pieces of information, ideally we would ask for:

– Full name
– Date Of Birth
– Any known previous addresses

Having all of this information is ideal but not essential, we are happy to attempt any case so feel free to get in touch even if you don’t have the information stated above.

Can you trace the owner of a phone number?

Yes, we can perform a trace using only a phone number however not all phones are registered to an individual so there is no guarantee that we will be able to obtain a positive result.

Will the other person know about the trace?

No, our tracing service is very discrete and the subject will be completely unaware that a trace has been carried out.

We will never make any attempt to visit or contact the subject unless specifically requested to do so by yourself.

Will I still have to pay if you can’t find them?

That depends on your choice of package, our premium service is offered on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis and therefore we will not charge you unless we can obtain a current UK address for the subject in question.

What does ‘No Win, No Fee’ mean?

Our premium tracing service is offered on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis, this means that you will only have to pay for the service if we can provide you with a current UK address for the subject you are attempting to trace.

The service will be free of charge if we cannot locate the current whereabouts of the subject.

How long will the trace take?

We will usually have a result within 2-5 working days depending on your package choice.


Trace A Person


Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

How will you find a bug if I can’t?

We use the latest technology that allows us to detect devices that cannot be seen, we also have expertise fitting and working with these devices so we know what we are looking for and the positions they are most likely to be concealed in.

Will the room need to be empty for the sweep?

If possible, we ask our clients to remove or disable any electronic devices as they can cause interference. We can perform the sweep at anytime so in order for us to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible we ask that nobody is in the room and all devices are turned off.

Can you sweep vehicles?

Yes, we can perform a bug sweep on any vehicle just as we can perform sweeps on any building indoor or outdoor. We have carried out sweeps in houses, gardens, sheds, garages, offices, meeting rooms, hotel rooms, warehouses and car parks.

What will you do if you find a bug?

If we find a device we will remove and disable it, we can then either destroy the device or leave it with you to use as evidence. We can also attempt to locate who has fitted the bug and possibly determine what information they have already obtained.

What are “bugs”?

‘Bugs’ are small devices that can be concealed in covert locations or even inside other devices in order to obtain information without somebodies knowledge.

They can vary from listening devices that capture conversation and allow people to ‘listen’ without being in the room or tiny cameras that capture video to devices that are fitted to computers and allow others to access the information being typed into the system.

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